The South Pole

If there is any part of the world that has NOT been given cultural significance, that part of the world is probably called the South Pole, and it's cold as fuck.

The South Pole is home to many generic desktop wallpapers.

It may seem that this image has nothing to do with the South Pole, but she is clearly wearing South Pole clothing.

Just The Facts

  1. There is NOTHING of intrest in the South Pole
  2. Some paranoid people thought it was a good idea to build a research station in the middle of fucking nowhere, they were right.
  3. Just to be sure; there is absolutely fuck all on the South Pole

The South What?

The South Pole is, scientifically, where one of the earth's axis of rotation meet the surface. In reality, it doesn't mean jack shit. The South Pole is not home to Anti-Santa Claus, in fact, it is not home to anything except researchers, aliens, and a lot and a lot of snow. And just like this section, there isn't much to it at all.