The Tyrannosaurus Rex, or tyrant lizard as it is known in Latin-speaking circles, is the most terrifying creature to have ever walked the Earth. It is a favorite among boys under 12 until they discover boobs.

T-rex sex isn't as stimulating

Just The Facts

  1. Tyrannosaurs lived more than 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous period, meaning Jurassic Park should have let the Stegasaurus save the day
  2. The T-Rex was a fierce carnivore with a massive head and heavy tail but tiny, Verne Troyer-sized arms
  3. The serated teeth of the tyrannonsaur could reach sizes of up to a foot long and grow back should one be left in the dying carcass of a smaller creature. Not unlike Hollywood agents.

Cracked on the Tyrannosaurus

Despite dying off some 65 million years ago, the tyrannosaurs rex remains the star of the dinosaur set and has appeared in more movies than that token Asian guy.

The T-Rex is a homegrown talent, calling the western part of the North America home for eons, making it either Mormon or elitist.

Debate continues to rage over whether the tyrannosaurus was a predator or a scavenger. The dabate is being raged by people smarter than us, who likely wear Tilly hats and khaki pants and actually care about this kind of thing.