Darwinism - It works when one idiot in a group gets killed doing something really stupid. After 5 more die doing the same shit, light bulbs go off telling the survivors that this shit will kill you. &&

One small step for cave man

Just The Facts

  1. Darwin's book "On The Origin of Species" can be used as a replent aginst your unwanted reletives from the Bible Belt.
  2. The Darwin Awards honors those who help our species by removing themselves from it.
  3. Darwinism in action can be funny

Darwin in Society (Social Darwinism)

If your wondering why your unemployed after working for 20 years and why some chump who has been in their career for 3 years and makes in a day what you made in your life time, its called Social Darwinism.

It takes Darwin's theory minus the whole killing part and applies it to your life with out the killing. It tries to be civil up until the part were the winner rubs his sucess in the face of the loser. But thats te point of Socail Darwinsim, its about being the best.

You can apply it to any thing in your life. Such as:

  • Your career vs. someone elses
  • Your love life vs. someone elses
  • Your looks vs. someone elses
  • Your dick size vs. someone elses
  • Your number of notchs on your belt vs. someone elses
  • Your looks vs. someone elses

The limts to your sucess is endless, so long as your fit to live.

Its called Darwinism bitchs

Of course you can however apply that kill or be killed belife if you live in Detroit or Oakland. Notice how the strong survive while the weak are killed and eaten. Because they have more guns and people then the little shit their about to gun down. Its all Darwinism with the killing on steroids.

The moral is watch your back, pack heat, and make sure its loaded.

The Darwin Awards

This is an award made to thank all the little retards who removed them selves from our gene pool by getting killed doing stupid shit. Since 1994, The Darwin Awards has become a graveyard of idots for we (the living suprior beings) to laugh at.

They record and recognize any idot who became worm food after doing some stupid shit. Among that stupid shit are

  • Smoking in an ammo storage room
  • Playing Russian Rolute with a semi-automatic pistol
  • Selfinflicted gunshot wound (in the nuts)
  • Juggling Chainsaws

However they stopped recognizing people who attempted to broker a peace between Mr. Fork and Mr. Outlet. You think people would learn by now?

Kirk Cameron - Hollywood's proof of evolution

Kirk Cameron (that annoying no talented Born Again Christian) who after ending up in career death has been blaming Hollywood's dislike of Christians rather then his lack of talent (and nobody ever watched the show he was on).

There was a time when 17-year old chicks would pull out their vibrators when he appeared on TV

Recently, Kirk Cameron annonced that he plans to distrubute 50,000 free copies of Darwins book ,with a 50 page introduction written by the only dude allowed to blow him, on the 150th annversery of when Darwin wrote his book. Now pissed off college students and professors what his head on a plack before his Klan buddies harass them on November 19.

What Cameron needs to really understand is that his failed career is the best example of how evolution and Darwinism are real. Of course the little virgin shit still blaims "his love for god" (with out realizing he is blaiming god) for the failuer he has become.

Just to prove Cameron wrong, its important to examine some evidence just to show how evolution is real and why he is so full of shit.

Exhibit A - Charlton Heston

The filmography of Charlton Heston is like having a collection of Veggie Tale movies with out all that sissy sensitive shit that Kirk Cameron loves so much. Ok so actually Charlton Heston was the John Wayne (with a Client Eastwood-like attitude) of Bible movies.

Heston was known for staring in so many religious themed or Bible inspired films during his career. When he was not portraying a Biblical figure, he would star in religious themed films were he was fighting godless communists, godless zombies, and godless damn dirty apes. None of these movies ever had Kirk Cameron in it.

Charlton Heston was also known for his early social activism by supporting the Civil Rights Movement and opposing Communism. In his later life Heston became president of the National Rifles Association were he stood up against gun control by declaring "I'll give you my gun when you take it from my cold, dead hands!" (while actually holding a rifle).

Funny, the only social activism Kirk Cameron did was allow some Televangelist to touch him for an hour

Exhibit B - Mel Gibson

The fact that Mel Gibson is a devoted Christian (Catholic) while being both a respectable actor and director is proof that Kirk Cameron's career death is caused by his lack of talent rather then liberal Hollywood's so called "hatred of religion".

Mel Gibson is famous for staring in the Lethal Weapon series, hacking the British in Brave Heart and The Patriot, along with directing The Passion of the Christ which became a major box office success. Also it didn't star Kirk Cameron.

This guy has a better career then Kirk Cameron

As an added bonus, Mel Gibson is also a devoted anti-Semite and the son of a published Holocaust denier, hence this also kills Cameron's (and other right-wing extremists) argument of "Jews controlling Hollywood".

Exhibit C - The Chronicles of Narnia

The movie adaptations of this beloved Christian-themed book series dose not feature Kirk Cameron. After all, C.S Lewis was (like Cameron) an atheist until he discovered religion thanks to the power of Christ (and J.R.R. Tolkien). So why wasn't Kirk Cameron asked to be featured in the film?

It has to be either
A. Hollywood hates Christian's
B. Kirk Cameron sucks


You can't have a page about Darwin with out refering to Dinosaurs.
They rule!

More proof of Darwinism, with Dinosaurs!