Riki-Oh: The Story Of Ricky

Riki Oh: The Story of Ricky, is about a man named Riki who is sent to prison and tries to stop the corrupt warden. Oh and he punches through people...

Pictued: Plot Development

Just The Facts

  1. Set in the futuristic year of 2001, prisons are now privately owned.
  2. The prison is run by the warden and assistant warden with the 4 cell blocks run by 4 prisoners known as the "Gang of Four"
  3. Opium is best hidden when grown in the middle of a prison.


Meet Riki-oh, the hero of our story. He has a superhuman strength that makes him in-fucking-destructible. Just look at him! He's pulling a fucking nail out of his hand, and, and, fuck it, just watch the scene:

Holy shit! That guy pours out more blood than half the cast of Twilight! But its awesome to watch it!

Now our hero Riki (or Ricky, depending on how far you are in the movie) was sent to jail for killing this dude that killed his girlfriend. Now this guy seems like an ok guy, especially for one who specializes in fucking tearing holes through people like they were butter, but I digress. Riki-oh is a swell guy and makes alot of friends in prison. All of whom get killed in worse and worse ways throughout the movie. All Riki can do is scream and jump through walls.

Honestly dude, why are you still in jail?

Well after Riki finds out that that the prison is growing Opiates, It didn't really make him happy. So he killed a bunch of people. Then this happend:

Honestly dude, why did this take so long?