The Sims Series

The Sims is a series of games based around controlling the life of a virtual creatable character.

Just The Facts

  1. The Sims was created by Will Wright in 2000
  2. As of 2005, it has sold more than 16 million copies. Impressive, no?
  3. For some odd reason, no matter how hard you try, you Sim always looks like a sex offender.


In the year 1991, Will Wrights house burned down, taking with it, all his stuff. He got his family out though, and that's the main thing. After this tradgedy, he had to move his family to a new home and start from scratch (well, not scratch, his kids didn't suddenly turn into sperm or anything). This was the inspiration for The Sims, a game about a virtual life and the consequences of control over life. At this point, SimCity, SimEarth and SimAnt were already around and known by a lot of people, so development for The Sims started in 1992/1993. At this point, Will Wright approached Maxis with the idea, which was met with concern, specifically over whether or not the concept would work (why were these people dismissing his idea, he founded the damn company!).

"Mr Wright, it's just not a smart investment. Now about that promotion..."

Nonetheless, he was allowed to continue to develop it, but only if it was filed under the name Project X. That way, if rival companies found out, they could just claim he was doing experiments on mutants! Bastards. Anyway, development of the idea continued, and in 1997, it was changed from Project X to The Sims, which, let's face it, is much catchier and sounds less threatening. The choice over the name was due to the fact that Wil's previous Sim games were rather popular.


The whole premise of the series is to create a virtual person or family and guide them through life, making decisions for them, like which job they should get, or when they should go to the toilet, or which drunk girl to screw at their own house party. Another interesting element is the ability to build a house, decorate it and place furniture. This means theres another level of individuality to the game. Building a house that is specifically tailored to your sim is always fun. This element was expanded in The Sims 3, but we'll talk about that later on.

Spot the difference

There are a variety of jobs to choose from in The Sims games, including Music, Criminal, Police, Athlete, Medical, and many more. You also get rewards in The Sims 2 when you reach the right level of promotion on the different careers. To get certain jobs, you have to buy expansion packs, so you're essentially paying an extra amount of money to get your virtual person a job and some new stuff, which means you're paying real money for fake things....that seems odd. But, hey, we're getting off topic here. There is also a variety of furniture and appliances to choose from in each game that your sim could need, like seating, tables, showers, ovens, widescreen televisions, pinball machines, guitars with HUGE amplifiers. You know, all the things people need to survive in this harsh world.

Expansion packs were used to add new stuff to each game. The Sims 1 and 2 have been given pets, gardening, nightlife and vacations in the various expansion packs that have been released.

Building (Example from The Sims 2)

This is what happens when you pretty much perfect the art of house design/virtual architecture. When you first have a go at building a house, it's most likely to turn out nothing like you intended, but work at it, and it'll look something like the house in the video.

In The Sims 3, the idea was to customise the house to your sims style, or even your style. They gave players the ability to change the colour, texture, hell, even the material of pretty much all the furniture and appliances. This meant that people could make retarded creations, like a leopard print televison or camouflage bed. Seriously, who needs to hide their bed in enemy territory?

Create-A-Sim (Example from The Sims 3)

Try to ignore the incredibly irritating music and you will see this is a good example of the create-a-sim mode from The Sims 3. They told us they had made the create-a-sim more creative and easier to use than in previous games, but unfortunately, they lied, since The Sims 2 had a much better system for the player to get along with. After 10 minutes with The Sims 3 create-a-sim, you'll be screaming about the music, while trying to snap the disc due to the fact ALL THE TROUSERS MAKE YOUR SIM LOOK LIKE A PERVERT!