Gambit is a comic book superhero and member of the X-Men, a former thief with kinetic energy powers. He is considered the team's "ladies man", possessing a hypnotic charm and an inimitable sense of fashion.

Just The Facts

  1. Gambit was created by long-time X-Men writer Chris Claremont and artist Jim Lee, apparently to fill the "mysterious bad boy" quota that was in no way already covered by Wolverine.
  2. His mutant power is to control "kinetic energy," which means making things pink and explosive!
  3. Is famous for an on-again off-again relationship with Rogue, a constant source of cheap drama due to his shady past and her inability to touch anyone without killing them.
  4. has since gone on to inexplicably become one of the more popular X-Men characters, appearing in several cartoon series as well as the movie "X-Men Origins: Wolverine".

De Story of Gambit, I Gar-on-tee!

Gambit, aka Remy LeBeau, was introduced in Uncanny X-Men #266 in 1990, initially as a mutant thief, and soon a full-time member of the X-Men. He's known for being a ridiculous Cajun stereotype as well as having a smug "bad boy" attitude. His signature look includes a pink chestpiece and sloppy facial hair, an aesthetic style popular amongst mutant superheroes and frat boys.

Left: Gambit. Right: Real-world counterpart.

An orphan through kidnapping, Remy LeBeau grew up on the streets, raised in the ways of thieving by the LeBeau Thieves' Guild in New Orleans. Like most mutants, his powers developed in his teens. Except where most popular mutants tend to get cool powers like laser-eyes or metal skin, Gambit gets to make things turn bright pink and explode (which, to be fair, could actually be useful if he didn't use his power exclusively on playing cards). After an adolescence of jambalaya and pickpocketing, Gambit met Storm (who coincidentally also grew up an orphan-thief) and soon after was accepted into the X-Men, who apparently don't believe in reference checks.

They probably gave up on the interview portion, too.

After strolling around the X-Mansion for a few weeks with his pimp cane and a cocky smirk, Gambit began his now-infamous flirtatious romance with fellow X-Men member Rogue, which switches from on to off to on again so often it's not even worth keeping track. The pairing was quickly cemented as one of the most popular comic-book relationships of all time, becoming a major recurring plot point and inspiring hundreds of creepy DeviantArt tributes.

In this one, he's a vampire!

In this one, he's a vampire!

After joining the X-Men, Gambit's secret past became a tense issue with Rogue and the other X-Men, despite the fact that nobody ever bothered to just sit him down and ask him about it. Eventually it was revealed that Gambit used to work as something of a gofer for evil mutant geneticist Mr. Sinister (who, based on his look, clearly missed his calling as some kind of conceptual goth-metal rock star) and had helped him set up a team of mercenaries who would go on to massacre a bunch of sewer-dwelling mutants.

Not these ones.

Gambit's teammates were utterly shocked that the shady mystery man who refused to talk about his past turned out to have a few skeletons in his closet, and promptly ditched him. Following this, he disappeared from the comic pages for a while, wandering the earth and getting back to his thieving roots, until demand for his inevitable return was high enough for the writers to dust off their Cajun dialect pocket guides and cash in.

After being instantly forgiven and accepted back into the X-Men, Gambit has been regularly featured in many of the franchise's dozens of monthly titles, and has resumed and ended and resumed his relationship with Rogue approximately 43 times since. He has also gone through some changes, temporarily losing his powers, then his eyesight, hooking up with his girlfriend's mother, and briefly joining Mister Sinister's aforementioned goth-metal band.

Actually, that's not a half-bad band name.

Actually not a half-bad band name.

Since his introduction, Gambit has become a mainstay of the X-Men franchise and a perpetual fan favorite. The reasons that comic fans feel such a strong personal connection to the character aren't entirely clear, though the following are strong possibilities: 1) his habit of constantly wearing a trenchcoat, 2) his apparent lack of personal hygiene and grooming, and 3) his obsessive infatuation with a woman that he will never, ever get a chance to sleep with.