Top Chef

Top Chef is a show about angry lesbians and mean gay men cooking.No really.

not worth watching the show still

Just The Facts

  1. It's on Bravo. You know, the channel that also airs that show about that dick OCD house flipper.
  2. It gives fat people boners.
  3. It is most likely on TV right now.

Watching people eat is almost as fun as watching people cook!!!

Have you seen Hell's Kitchen? This is like that only not entertaining at all.

Host Pad... (I don't even know her name.She's not pretty enough to make up for her complete retarded-ness and annoying voice. If you don't agree you must not have watched her for more than 3 seconds), watching people with knives have mental breakdowns, and how creepily the judges look/describe the food they are eating is the only thing that makes me not try to find the damn remote.

Unless you are old or high the show is only worth watching if you are trying to die slowly and painlessly. It's almost as terrible as The Hills but the only saving grace is that watching people who COOK PROFESSIONALLY fuck up on waffles and have to defend themselves and blame others. And they do. Often, basically every episode.

Watching is like emotionally investing in a child only to realize that that child is a pencil box and it will never love you back. Even my gay-ass fat brother gets upset. Of course that might be because he can't get "through" the TV to the food.

Like Hannah Montana, Top Chef gives me hope that if I ever get into television I don't really have to try with the whole "effort" thing.