Dizzee Rascal

Dizzee Rascal, real name Dylan Kwabena Mills, is an English rapper who, despite popular belief, is in no way Dizzy and only causes some trouble, not enough to be called a Rascal.

Where Dizzee lies on the scale of sanity.

Just The Facts

  1. He's just a rascal
  2. He's just a rascal
  3. He's just a rascal
  4. A Dizzee Rascal

A basic translation of the song "Dance Wiv Me"

The song "Dance Wiv Me" is one of the most popular songs that the Dizzler has ever written. The lyrics can however, be quite hard to understand, because Le Dizz often uses slang words and difficult to understand words for people who are caucasian in ethnicity. Here is a translation of some of the more difficult to understand lyrics.

Why you all over there in your Jack Jones?- When Dizzee say's this, he is asking a female why she is sitting down with her friend Jack Jones. He may well be curious as to why her friend Jack Jones has come to the bar because he is not a heavy drinker

You need to let me get behind your backbone- Dizzee Rascal has a little known qualification in chiropracting. He is asking the female in question if he can perform an inspection on their back, due to the fact that she has a poor posture while she is sitting down on her bat stool.

Now it's murder on the dance floor- When the little rascal says this, he is implying that the club may be haunted because it is built on the location of a building which once saw witness to a murder. He is forewarning of this possible haunting.

I ain't forceful but I'm still hardcore- He is not a man who has sexual intercourse with females without consent, but he is still wonderful when it comes to plastering females crotch cracks.

It's not a long ting your the boom ting- My penis is tiny and you are a suicide bomber

Thats the basic summary.

And now you know.

And knowing is Half the battle!

Going on holiday with Dizzee Rascal

Dizzee Rascal, the Rascal that he is, loves going on holidays to foreign locations. So, do you fit the criteria to go on holiday with him?

If you fit the criteria and can go on holiday with Dizzee, there are certain things you must do when you go on holiday, here is advice from Dizzee himself.

  1. Get your passport and your bikini- This is some very good advice from Dizzee, because if you forget to bring your passport it will be impossible to leave the country. Thanks Dizzee, for that great reminder! Also, packing a bikini will allow you to have proper beach wear, while at he same time appearing sexually attractive. Imagine if you didn't have your bikini. What would you wear, a burkha? Oh Dizzee, thanks again.
  2. Don't watch my passport photo, I know I look bit loco- This is just Dizzee Mcguire telling us that he looks less than regular in his photographic evidence for his passport. Ok, we won't look at your passport!

Follow these tips, and you and Dizzee will have a great holiday!