Dollhouse Season 1

Once upon a time was a network called FOX that liked to cancel shows that weren't instant ratings hits... this is the one that slipped through their evil grasp

No not this kind of Dollhouse

Just The Facts

  1. Dollhouse was created by Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku during a lunch meeting... I believe they may have had trout
  2. 14 episodes were made for a 13 episode run and 12 episodes aired.
  3. The 4th TV series made by Joss Whedon, After Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly... which will henceforth be known as the show FOX should be destroyed for cancelling
  4. 95% of the people reading this scrolled back up to the picture of Eliza in the S&M outfit already
  5. The other 5% don't know how to scroll

Did I Fall Asleep?

Well no, but if I did then right now I'm having some really kick-ass dreams involving Eliza in S&M gear and a ton of very sexy naked people on primetime television. Seriously this must be a dream, hell I scrolled up at least 4 times to look at the dominatrix gear picture... right I better stop now, I have a topic to type and I can't do it with RSI.

Dollhouse started when Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon had lunch one day. See Eliza had a deal to make some show and she wanted Joss to do all the hard thinky work while she did the thing she does best, kick butt and look hot. Well with that idea in mind Joss started to weave a tale of violence, sex, intrigue, sex, mystery, sex, laughter and sex... however the censors were against a show called "Sci-Fi Whores From Uranus" so he decided to set the whole story in an underground company on earth and thus, Dollhouse was born

Two Eliza... Fan boy's around the world just had their first orgasm, how was it for you?

For a little while

And so the story begins. The basic idea of Dollhouse is that there's a company called the Rossum corporation and one of their secret services is to hire out fully programmable people. These people are (For the most part, I'm not gonna be spoiler man on one of the coolest parts of the show) volunteers looking for an escape from a problem of their own. They have their own personalities erased and when they're hired out new ones are put in them to make them perfect for the part. So far some of the jobs they've had include a negotiator, backup singer, dominatrix (Hand's off that scroll) and even a bank robber.

The main character in this series is Echo, played by Eliza Dushku, the most popular active in the dollhouse. Since she's the star of the show we kinda spend most of our time with her and so it's a given that the focus of the show is about her and how Echo doesn't forget all her engagements like she's supposed to. See when most actives get wiped... brain wiped not baby wiped... they forget everything about the jobs they've had to do during the episode, they also get to be a virgin again and don't really mind walking about naked or in barely any clothes. That's right, nakeness on primetime TV, and you idiots aren't watching SHAME ON YOU!.

Anyway the entire series grows on the basic idea that Echo's remembering things that she shouldn't which is compelling enoug reason to watch... failing that you can watch for the sex and nudity, really doesn't matter.

Shall I go now?

And it very nearly did. The show wasn't anything resembling a major network hit, when you're being beaten in the timeslot by reuns of the Bachellorette: Super Whorey Edition you know there's a problem. after the original pilot was scrapped to be replaced by a more action packed episode people were already wondering if this was going to be another Firefly.

As the series started Joss fan's tuned in, their DVR's went on hyperdrive and they made Hulu their bitch. Any way they could watch the latest episode they would, and yet still the numbers were so low that it was nothing short of a miracle that all the episodes got aired... ok the vast majority got aired, one had to be reshot and another became a DVD extrra but that's just a tiny detail.

As the series went on and the numbers kept staying low the rumors were spreading about an inevitable cancellation... but they didn't count on the Terminator getting terminated. In a bold move FOX had to choose between renewing the Terminator TV series or giving Dollhouse a second season. There was begging, bribery, blackmail and offers of oral sex... from this guy

You know if we sent Eliza we'd have 12 seasons instantly

In the end thoguh it came down to a simple thing, money. No no one was paid off... not that I know of at least. See it turns out that it was way cheaper to produce another season of Dollhouse than to give the Termiator another shot. And so it was official, Dollhouse won the illustrious title of being the lowest rating drama series to be reniewed in 20 years, taking the title thatthe Wondertwins had held with pride.