Fake Moustaches

Fake Moustache's are a wonderful fake version of facial hair which can be used to create hilarious image's and costume's.

Spotting a fake

Just The Facts

  1. Fake Moustaches are always good when it comes to improving pictures
  2. They are not real moustaches
  3. They are like Fake beards which have climbed up your face

Cracked on fake moustaches.

The general consensus around this website and most of the world is that fake moustaches are wonderful and much better than regular moustaches. Fake moustaches have many many advantages over regular moustaches.

  • They do not require cleaning
  • They can be removed before oral sex
  • Nicholas Cage has never badly acted with a fake moustache, only a real moustache
  • Mr.Monopoly had a real moustache, and he was a greedy asshole who overcharges people to stay in hotels which are too small to actually sleep in.
  • Fake Moustaches do not require a large amount of time to grow
  • You can stick it to your penis and then call your penis Bat Masterson

Above: Bat Masterson

Fake Moustaches are so entertaining and great that they have even been given their own day. National fake moustache day is the third of February, and is sort of like Eid but with hilarious moustaches instead of The Prophet Muhammed. Fake Moustaches are also excellent for disguise, as it is nigh on impossible to actually recognise somebody if they wear a fake moustache. In fact, if Solid Snake wore a fake moustache the whole Metal Gear Solid series would have been made easier than beating Horatio Caine at Cluedo.

He's helpless if nobody ejaculated on the board.

Famous Fake Moustaches

Charlie Chaplin wore a fake moustache for his role in "The Tramp", in order to disguise his young age when he was playing the role, in presumably the same way that Orlando Bloom wears a fake pair or Testicles to disguise his Vagina.

Pictures improved by fake moustaches

Pictures that have been improved by Fake Moustaches

It really works with anything.