Prototype is a sandbox action adventure game by Radical Entertainment. Playing as Alex Mercer an amnesiac man, Who Rocks a leather jacket who has more sharp objects in him then a Swiss-army knife. In fact he's a Swiss-Swiss-army knife.

High-fiving Alex is potentially Fatal.

Alex Vs Helicopter. My money's on the guy with the knives for finger's.

Told ya.

Just The Facts

  1. The game's developer Radical Entertainment previous project's The Increduble Hulk:Ultimate Destruction and Scarface the World is Your's featured a big green monster smashing everything and a drug-addled psycho with an M16.
  2. The protagonist Alex Mercer is voiced by actor Barry Pepper best known for his role as Sniper Jackson in Saving Private Ryan.Also. . .for Battlefield Earth.
  3. Not counting the rampaging mutants or ruthless soldiers, the game features a semi-realistic version of Manhattan.


The game starts with Alex in times square surrounded by military and infected. Some dismembering later and things go back two weeks. Alex wakes on a morgue table about to be dissected, despite being fully dressed.

After getting outside Alex discovers he has gained crazy abilities to absorb people's physical appearance and memories, also he can turn himself into 70 kinds of sharp stabby things. Alex learns there is an infection sweeping through the city transforming the populace into mindless zombies that all dress rather similiar. . .He then sets out to recover his memories.

After releasing a crazy woman named Elizabeth (Who looks like singer La Roux) who can control the virus. Eventually he discovers Elizabeth came from a town called Hope, Idaho that the army used to test the virus that is infecting New York. Alex found out the truth and was going to be killed. Alex attempted to escape with a sample of the virus as insurance. But he got cornered and smashed the virus, unleashing it upon the city. Douchebag.

Alex kills Elizabeth, and basically everyone else in Manhattan. Alex is told by a "shady" contact that a crazy General is going to nuke Manhattan. After sneaking aboard a battle-ship the contact is revealed to be a Supreme Hunter. Alex defeats it and flies the nuke out to sea. After the explosion a crow is seen being consumed. A regenerating Alex muses about what he has become.

But the story is irrelevant, all that matters is that you can kick six shades of shit out of a tank with you're bare-hands.


Prototype controls are as follows:

PS3:X-kill something. Square-kill something. circle-kill something. Triangle-kill something.

XBOX:A-kill something. B-kill something. Y-kill something. X-kill something.

Prototype's gameplay has three fundamental's. Fight, Flight, Deceive.

Using the square or X button will begin to slice/pound/whip the enemy with you're weapon selected from a ring display with more sharp impliments then a cutlery drawer. You can combine you're attacks with Parkour moves such as an elbow drop or nose-dive. Special moves are unlocked with excess Biomass gained from consuming people. They are called Devastators that are'well, Devastating.

By holding R2 or Right trigger you activate spint which works like Parkour. . .On Acid. You can run up bulidings and sprint through people. Jumps and glide moves are added for variety. Also you can hijack helicopter's and tank's.

If fighting isn't you're thing well, YOU BOUGHT THE WRONG FUCKING GAME, ASSHOLE. Just kidding. By consuming people you take their appearance, fooling soldier's because no one suspects the little girl, until she rams a 7 Foot spike up you're ass.

Missions mainly involve you going to X and killing Y, or escorting X to Y then killing everyone at Y, or watching X and Y fight and killing whoever wins.