5 Reasons Why An Emslyie Is So Awesome

If you've ever come across an Emslyie... she would strike you as awesome. You'd be face to face with beauty, wit, intelligence, class, and just pure, raw awesomness.

as the chart displays, there is simply no competition.

Emslyie is 20x more awesome than a cactuar... which it is hard to come by somthing this awesome.

These llamas can attest to the sheer awesomeness of an Emslyie.

Just The Facts

  1. An Emslyie was born in Canada (which is awesome) but her loyalties lie with The United States (which is more awesome)
  2. An Emslyie can bring you to your knees in laughter... with just the look of awesomeness.
  3. An Emslyie fell in love with a matts's which makes her doubly awesome.
  4. An Emslyie is known to be random... which is awesome.
  5. Emslyie's also can fly, not in front of people though, that would just make the non-emslyies feel less awesome.

About an Emslyie.

Not much is widely known of the Emslyie. She tends to dwell in a small cave in north-western New Mexico. Making frequent trips to town to mingle with the less awesome folk. Some people have said when the full moon is up, you can almost feel as awesome as an Emslyie is. An Emslyie is known to a lot of wishful thinking males as "the one". Well, An Emslyie is not interested. Maybe, if you're lucky one day you'll be graced with the sheer awesome prescence of an Emslyie. Maybe you already know an emslyie... maybe you are loved by the Emslyie. If so, you are a very lucky person, because she loves you so much. Have an Emslyie day.