Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken: The Ultimate Soul Food.

There's Fried Chicken IN that quesadilla

Even The President loves Fried Chicken

Just The Facts

  1. Fried Chicken is created by frying chicken in the fat of other animals (Preferably Chicken Fat, Just to be evil, because everyone knows it makes the chicken taste just oh so much better).
  2. Fried Chicken is one of the most unhealthy foods and it originated in the U.S (Figures).
  3. Although deep frying is known to have existed before the 1500's the frying of chicken started in the 1800's in the southern U.S.A.

Excuse me, but why is Fried Chicken called "Soul Food"?

Good question sir!

Fried Chicken is called "Soul Food" because African Americans are found of eating it. Other "Soul Foods" include, but are not limited to Watermelon, Kool-Aid, Grape Soda, Orange Soda, and lets not forget Chitlins!. Ofcourse this leads to the question "Why African Americans? Why would they like it so much that it has its own classification?" Well you see in the south during the slave era, slaves were not allowed to keep farm animals in their respective shacks, but chickens were allowed because they did not eat so much, did not shit so much, and did not take up so much room. "Sure, but why 'Fried Chicken?' Why not baked or boiled chicken?" The reason why they chose to fry their respective chickens (Other than the fact that it tastes fucking delicious) is because when you live in a shack with you, your wife, and your ten hungry slave children you need to make them a satisfying meal quick! What better way to do that than to take your pet chicken and fry him to deliciousness?

Oprah: On Fried Chicken

It's fucking delicious!!!