The BanHammer

Congrats! You've been Banned from a website!

Just The Facts

  1. Getting banned from a website is something we all go through.
  2. It's a rite of passage, beautiful, in its own way.
  3. Did I use the right "rite" there?

How did this Happen?

"Banning" finds its origins waaay the fuck back in the olden days, [this is a sceintific term we scientists like to use when we're too lazy to use wikipedia] somewhere around the time underwear had yet to be perfected, and has always played a pivatol, pivital, piv, -crucial role in our society. Yes, from indoor facilities banning smoking to nazis banning jews, from life, banning has always been there for us. [Or so we think, personally, we were banned, so we're just kind of giving the article the benefeit of the doubt.] Now, some might wonder what gives rise to achieving that much sought after and highly coveted privlidge of being banned. Well, many things can grant you this honor, among them, being different, being obstructive, being an asshole, or being right.

this is a work in progress. unless cracked bans me again for doing nothing wrong.

thanks cracked. in the meantime, check back for updates.

last updated 9.23.09