George Harrison

George Harrison is considered one of the best guitarist. If you have never heard of him go back to the rock you live under and fuck yourself. He was the youngest member of one of the worlds greatest bands: The Beatle.

Just The Facts

  1. George Harrison was the youngest and usually considered the quiet Beatle
  2. Married to Pattie Boyd in 1966 then split up in 1974, she then went and moved in with his close friend Eric Clapton
  3. Died of throat cancer in 2001
  4. Got really into Indian music and learned to play sitar

With The Beatles

George Harrison played guitar with the Beatles. He was one of the quieter band members, and the youngest. George had a smaller vocal range and didn't sing many songs. He wrote a songs for the Beatles such as: Here Comes the sun, I Me Mine, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Taxman, and many more. Harrison wrote many songs and many of them were rejected by Paul McCartney, and John Lennon. Harrison grew annoyed. Harrison quit the Band on January 10th of 1968, but returned after 2 business meetings with the other Beatles.

After the Beatles

Before the Beatles ever split up Harrison had already released two solo albums. They weren't really albums though, they were mostly instrumental and experimental. Then in 1970 he released his first good album 'All Things must Pass'. Then he held a giant charity Concert in in Madison Square Garden. The Concert for Bangladesh, was to raise money for Bangladesh Liberation Wars. Then some bank messed it up and three quaters of the proceeds went missing. Years passed and he released 2 more albums. Then in 1999 the lucky guy survived a knife attack by an intruder in his home. The intruder said he was on a quest for 'god'. Harrison got scared and rarely appeared in public afterward. Then on November 29, 2001 Harrison Died from lung Cancer.