The Venture Brothers

The Venture Brothers, a show on Cartoon Network's late night Adult Swim block. Probably one of the funniest adult cartoons of this time or any other time. So let's see why its so good.

...Well twice anyway

Just The Facts

  1. There are three complete seasons and the fourth one is playing right now.
  2. The Venture Brothers are awesomereffic.
  3. They have a body guard that kills better than postmen.

Who are the Venture Brothers

The Venture Brothers is basically a parody of Johnny Quest, if Johnny Quest grew up and failed horribly as a scientist and then had two kids he didn't love, and there loveable bodyguard that's badass enough too make anybody else look like a sissy.

Because it's just not as fun with a knife

You have the two Venture brothers, Hank and Dean twin brothers that are just completely lacking in common sense. Every episode in the series is basically an exercise in futility on the part of the brothers and that whole thinking process. Dean and Hank Venture are always being kidnapped and or killed or dumb either way hilarity ensues. Rusty Venture the aforementioned father has several arch-enemies: The Monarch a man in a giant butterfly suit, Baron Underbheit a jerk with a steel bottom jaw, and Sargeant.Hatred a pedophile(until the fourth season, I mean arch enemy still a bit pedophiley). Rusty is only great invention is his clone farm, because you know those boys are so prone to death. Rusty is also the son of the late great Jonas Venture who was a great inventor/discoverer/ass kicker, and because of that has issues with inadequacy and probably the reason why he is so bad with children.

We all know that being kidnapped and almost being killed at a young age several times sucks, so they have a bodyguard to prevent that from happening, enter Brock "I kill motherfuckers because its fun" Sampson. As a bodyguard he kinda sucks seeing as how Hank and Dean are actually Hank and Dean number 14 or so, but in his defense with several arch-enemies and countless henchmen at there service it is difficult, along with them just being dumb.

Also David Bowie is fucking awesome!