Atomik Harmonik

Atomik Harmonik is a music group from Slovenia. Most noted for their hot Scandavian chicks, and the fact that their music videos just barely miss qualifying as porn.

porn?  music?  I'm still gonna fap to it.

Just The Facts

  1. Most popular for their song "Turbo Polka".
  2. Hot Europeans
  3. Love showing Cleavage

Music Summary

The music style of Atomik Harmonik is "Turbo Folk". The best way to describe this music is in the method of those problems you see on the SAT. If an Accordion took off heading 75 MPH east, and a car full of younger, cleaner Brittany Spears was heading West at 60 MPH, what happens when they hit? The answer is: Atomik Harmonik.

Case and Point: Their 'Masterpiece' "Turbo Polka."

I think that just summed up everything you need to know. We had nurses, bar maid outfits, a doctor straight out of that porno that your mom was in, and a creepy guy playing the accordion.