Old School

In February 2003, you took a Valentine's date to Daredevil. Had you waited a week, you could have seen Old School. Then you would have an excuse to engage in drunken chicanery.

A breakdown of recent college movies

See honey? My drinking isn't THAT bad.

Careful ladies. You might get your shirt wet.

Just The Facts

  1. Old School was the unofficial beginning of Frat Pack movies dominating US cinema
  2. Several stars of Old School were taller than the starting lineup of the WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury (Craig Kilborn (6'5"), Vince Vaughn (6'5"), Will Ferrell (6'3"), Luke Wilson (5'11.5"))

The Begats

Before most of us were born, our parents were blitzed at their cinema of choice in 1978 watching John Landis and Harold Ramis satirizing the shit out of college life. Animal House encapsulated all that was awesome about being twenty something. Several years passed until someone thought, "Hey, imagine if some old person went back to college. I bet that would be box office gold!"

Of course, Back to School happened and Rodney Dangerfield set back the yet-to-be-named genre roughly 20 years.

Thanks Rodney Dangerfield.

Thanks a lot Rodney. Dick.

Others tried to make funny collegiate movies, and several had success (I am not looking at you, Wonder Boys). But the perfect marriage of silly lewdness and man-childishness didn't happen until 2003 when Todd Phillips rolled a Ramis doobie and shared it with America.

The Movie

So what's it going to take to get you into this movie?

Old School has everything. Main character's girlfriend like orgies? Check (thank you Juliette Lewis). Cursing at a wedding? Check (thank you Dan Finnerty). Asshole protagonist? Check (thank you Jeremy Piven). A musician with unlimited street cred? Ch-okay, ten years from now, people may not know Snoop Dogg, but for now, this works. Crazy frat nicknames? Check (Spanish. Weensie. Blue.) Chicks wrestling? I just checked so hard, I've got carpal tunnel. Gymnastics? My keyboard ejaculated all over my hands. You read that right.

I'm so happy.

Not pictured: my keyboard.

If you're still on the fence, a trip to Google may help you out. This movie has an underrated, overabundance of girly delights. Elisha Cuthbert, Ellen Pompeo, Leah Remini. Juliette Lewis. Did I mention Elisha Cuthbert?

Can you believe I'm on Google? Awesome.

A.O.S. (After Old School)

1 year AOS (After Old School) Anchorman reunited the principal frat-packers with superb results. However, since that time, the careers of the stars have begun the slow decent into Fame Hell.

Will Ferrell has done his best to replicate Chevy Chase's career path. He's had a few gems, but any day now he's going to have a terrible talk show, and we'll all die a little inside.

Luke Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Artile Lange have had varied levels of celebrity over the past 7 years. Unfortunately, they shared the same trainer as Kirstie Alley, and women everywhere have shuddered.

"Hang onto that shirt - I'm going to need it in 6 years"

The good news is they were all together for one beautiful moment in 2003 and we got to see it. Rejoice.