Super Hero Powers

Super Hero Powers covers a wide range of fantastic abilities, every single one of which the author has imagined having at some point.

We don't know what we're seeing here, but we know we like it.

Just The Facts

  1. The first official superhero was Superman, who has just about every power ever.
  2. The next was Batman, who has no powers at all. Guess which one is more popular?
  3. Many other superheroes followed, many of them (all?) completely retarded.

What Are Super Powers?

Defining super hero powers is tricky. We can all agree that flying (sans plane, copter or jetpack) is definitely a superhuman ability, even if the individual in question uses farts for propulsion. One defining characteristic of a super power is that it is integral to the person's body. For example, having bionic limbs that give you superhuman strength would count as a super power. Having a gun that allows you to kill at range doesn't count. However, having a gun welded on to your arm would count as a super power, unless you had to use your other hand to pull the trigger, in which case it merely counts as stupid.