The Best Jack In The Box Commercials

You see something out of the corner of your eye. On tv, the monsterous and juicy meat drips with deliciousness as cheese runs down the sides of it. What? A jack in a box burger? Yes, and the only way to sell a lie this big is to sell it big.

Jack in the Box is not above taking out the competition by any means possible.

Just The Facts

  1. When you eat a 'Jack in the Box ' Sirloin Bacon and Cheese Burger [ 1121 calories, 73 grams of total fat, 63 grams of carbs, and 54.1 grams of protein] will never again be hungry in your life, ever.
  2. Jack in the Box commercials not only embraces stoners, they bait them into their drive-thrus to order ridiculous amounts of tacos.
  3. Jack could beat your ass into eating his food...

This is the Jack in the Box commercial that started it all.

Longtime customers will remember Jack as a clown who formerly served atop the company's family-friendly drive-thru speaker box. But in 1980, that speaker-box clown was blown the fuck up in a television commercial that signaled the shift toward more adult fare.

Rodney lives!

These Next Few Are For All Of You Herb Connoisseurs Out There.

That's right kids! Jack in the box tacos are so good that your toys will come to life. And tell you to get more tacos. Becuase as we all know from the former President Bush... TACOS RULE!!!

Jack tells you to bring it!!!!

Jack brings out the big guns to let the king know that next week at Summerslam, He is going smell with jack is cooking.