Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous Plants eat bugs, and in some case, animals. Like animals with a spine and personality.

To a fly, that is like a pit filled with sharks carrying shotguns

Just The Facts

  1. Carnivorous plants live in areas low in their normal nutrients.
  2. Instead of natue placing them in a healthier environment, she chose to make them predatory.
  3. God help us, there is no plant large enough to eat a person. Yet.

Cracked on Carnivorous Plants

The world is filled with places where plants should not be able to survive; parts of jungles already filled with plants, and bogs with acidic, nutrient low water where, godamnit, life just shouldn't be thriving. But Nature has proven time and again that she is a sick twisted bitch who really seems to enjoy scaring the piss out of us with her innovations.