Absinthe is a green liquor that was the inspiration for a great deal of art and writing. And may have been responsible for Van Gogh cutting off his ear, so, you know, go easy on it.

Just The Facts

  1. Absinthe was banned by prohibition in the US back in the 20s.
  2. It took until 2007 for the US governement to finally get off their asses and legalize it again.
  3. Absinthe typically has between 42 and 74% alcohol, so even alcoholics will get their asses kicked by it.

Cracked on Absinthe

Way back in the 20's, when Lovecraft was just getting started and freaks like Albert Fish prowled the streets, Absinthe was all the rage. Sure, you could smoke some opium or drink booze that wouldn't turn your liver into foie gras in a week, but nothing else had the mystique or nickname that Absinthe had. Absinthe was known as The Green Fairy, which sounds a bit weak, but they meant something along the lines of "Angel of Death" type fairy, so yeah, that is kind of bad-ass in retrospect.