Horror is a genre dedicated to scaring the living shit out of you; and if they can't do that, they will smother you with bared tits.

Just The Facts

  1. Real Horror didn't really appear until Edgar Allen Poe started writing shit simply to scare it out of people.
  2. Horror has been a staple of entertainment in every possible media; including porn.
  3. Horror movies managed tomove one step beyond entertainment and some have actually scared people to a life-changing level (The exorcist)

Cracked on Horror

To most people, there are two types of horror; books and movies. Horror books are written by Stephen King. Rumors persist that there are other horror writers, but they are a bitch to find in the Stephen King section of your local book store.

Horror can trace its roots back to most culture's mythology, which usually seems to focus on scaring the shit out of people rather than actually teaching anything.