The Beautiful Life

"The Beautiful Life:TBL" is a new show on The CW. Like most of CW's fall line up, The Beautiful Life is a drama about incredibly good looking teens who have terrible and amazing things happen to them.

The full (Beautiful) Cast

Just The Facts

  1. The People are Gorgeous (Mischa Barton)
  2. The CW is going for a certain audience who watched a hit show by one of their actresses (Mischa Barton)
  3. The Beautiful Life will be centered around a certain famous cast member (I'm thinking they are angling towards Mischa Barton being their money maker, aren't you?)

Mischa Barton:Pretty Much the Reason Anyone is Watching... and the CW Knows It!

The Beautiful Life's premise is pretty much stated in its title, it's about a bunch of models ("beautiful") and how they cope with various situations in their field of work and personally ("life"). The most famous, and sure to be the focus of the show, is The OC's Mischa Barton. The entire plot seems to revolve around her character's past/present/future, as she was a model who mysteriously disappeared for 6 months, and is now back on the scene. The fact that everything in this show has to do with Mischa's character, shows that the CW is aware that Mischa is the reason they are getting so many viewers. The CW even is sure to put many snippets of Barton in the previews for the up-coming week's episode. This is not to say that other actors and actresses will have larger parts as the show progresses, I actually have no doubt that many viewers will come for Mischa, and end up falling for the show. Overall, The CW knows their audience, and clearly knows how to crank out teen drama after teen drama.

The One and Only Mischa Barton