The mouse trap, an old (and boring) way to kill mouses. The more fun way is watching the cat chasing it and uploading the video on youtube. Here we're going to talk about: The history of mouse abuse!&&

MoUsEsLaYa118 is on a killing spree!

No shit!

Just The Facts

  1. Mouse traps are boring, but it's a sensation to hear them snap!
  2. They're the foundation of Tom and Jerry.
  3. They will never be better then cats (economicly speaking, technically speeking, we are wrong).

The history of the mousetrap

The first ever patent was the little nipper, which was made in 1897 by James Henry Atkinson. The shutting speed of the godforsaken device was, and still is 38.000s of a second! (the thing should be called the little reaper, damn it!). In 1913, Jimmie (can we call you that, huh? Okay, we won't, don't mad man!) sold the patent to a company called Procter for 1000 pounds Sterling. So, the mouse reaper, ah, the cat nipper, we mean the damn gimper, AH FUCK, have it you're way James! The little nipper made 60% of the mouse trap industry, (yes, there is such thing) while the other 40% was this:

And this:

How was it used in pop culture

Where is the best place to show the consequences of abusing mousetraps, rolling pins, needles and knives? Why, in cartoons! Especially in Tom and Jerry, where cat abuse ensues. Movies thought us creative ideas in were to put mousetraps. Underware drawers where never safer. They even made a game out of the idea!

But lets get back to Tom and Jerry. There are many things we all learned from Tom and Jerry. We learned that when you're stabbed with a knife, you yell YIKES! and stars fly out of you're ass, and when you get hit with a hammer on the head you can play you're teeth like a piano! But what happens with mousetraps? Well, nothing really, Jerry just takes of the cheese and go's. All that happens, is that Tom activates the trap himself (because he's an idiot).

He's a pervert too!