Car Accidents In Movies

A car is a necessary tool for anyone that travels. But hidden underneath the hood is a ticking time bomb waiting to be activated.

Does anyone even read captions anymore?

This pie chart has no relevance but looks delicious.

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Just The Facts

  1. You are bound to have your car explode if and when you get in an accident and here's how:
  2. Car will explode on impact.
  3. Car will explode ten seconds after impact.
  4. Car will explode immediately upon exiting the vehicle which sends you catapulting to safety.
  5. In really unlucky cases the car will explode before you even drive, once you turn the ignition.
  6. You can ignore these rules if you are a main character that is relevant to the story.

Car Accidents

We can all learn a lot about movies. For example, did you know that nearly all car accidents are fatal. It is usually not the initial crash that kills you, but the sure to follow explosion. Even a minor "fender bender" can result in catastrophic damage. This well known fact contradicts a common myth that has been floating around.

Another thing we can learn is how to blow up our enemies car. You can shoot the gas tank just a couple of times even if you do not have armor piecing or incendiary rounds. You could also push it over a small ledge. Or you could shoot out a tire and watch it flip end over end fifteen times before it explodes.

Happy safe driving!