The Top Female Rock Icons Of All Time

Female rock stars make men rock harder! We tried finding the top female rock icons of all time to put in a list. We failed miserably when we realized we should go for more then just looks when making this list. But we tried anyway.

Oh Canada! Rock On!

Lita was Found On Road Deadly.

Courtney Loves cheap drugs

Just The Facts

  1. Females can rock... even without cocks.
  2. Females sing about love, lost love, making love, lust, boys, sometimes girls, and making sandwiches in the kitchen.
  3. Females musicians are often judged on their looks.The same can be said about all other female entertainers.
  4. Female rock stars aren't sluts.... just kidding they probably are.
  5. This is a partial list. We don't have very good connections.

Oldies but Goodies. The Golden Girls of Rock.

The Shangri Las loved the bad ass colored guys.

Shangri Las- These young lassies were an American pop/rock group in the 60's. The group was comprised of a double sister tag-team. Lead singer Mary Weiss was sisters with backup singer Betty Weiss. Identical twins Marge and Mary Ann Gasser were the other backup singers. The band was not a trio like many believe, beacause Betty didn't like to tour. So Betty just stayed at home and talked to her cats. The Shangri-La's got their name from a restaurant in Queens, New York, near where they lived. The 3 or 4 ladies (depending on Cat Lady Betty) sang about dudes and broken dreams. The had a tough girl image and loved the bad boys. This would set a bad example for Tina Turner, Brittany Spears, and more recently Rhianna. Their hit songs included: Leader of the Pack, Remember (Walkin in the Sand), and some other songs that nobody remembers anymore.

The Ronnettes- This female band, like their arch-rivals the Shangri-Las, were from New York. They also had a sister act. Estelle and Veronica "Ronny" Bennet were sisters and their cousin Nedra Talley completed the inbred rock group... whoops... we meant inter-related rock group. Their Grandma would throw them in a room and scream at them to sing and harmonize. Eventually that old hag's encouragement would pay off and land them gigs for $10 bucks a night. They eventually caught the eye of producer Phil Spector. They would sign and work with the pyscho producer Phil Spector. Phil was famous for his "Wall of Sound," Nazi like oppressive control issues, and his crazy gun weilding antics. Ronnie was dumb and ended up marrying the fruit looped frosted flaked Phil Spector. Later they would get divorced. Big surprise. The Ronettes hit songs included: Be My Baby, Baby I Love You, and Don't Shoot Me Phil.

The 70's and 80's. Punk rock and Hair Metal Chicks.

Deby Harry, do the curtains match the drapes?

Blondie- This 70's American rock band was fronted by singer Deby Harry. She was the star. Like most female fronted bands, no one cared about the male band members. This caused conflict among them and they broke up in 1982. Hit songs were: Heart of Glass, Call Me, One Way or Another, For Your Eyes Only. Deby Harry tried to go solo after the break up.

One of these Wilson sisters is really Paul Stanley. Can you find him?

Heart-This Seattle based band became famous in the mid 70's and popularity lasted through the 80's and 90's. Then they got old and people stopped caring about them. It was lead by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. They were one of the first bands where women wore the pants and made the decisions. They named the band Heart because it was all lovey dovey and shit. Hit songs included: Barracuda, Magic Man, Crazy on You,What about Love, and All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You.

Joan Jett-She loved rock 'n' roll. She put another dime in the jukebox baby.

Lita Ford- One of first female Guitar Heroes. She played lead guitar for The Runaways. Ford got the fuck out of Dodge to persue a solo career. Lita had some success in late 80's. She did a respectable duet with Ozzy Osbourne. How'd that happen? Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy's wife, was Lita's manager.

90's to Present..... Grunge to whatever we call rock these days.

Courtney Love-Cobain- Courtney was the lead singer for the grunge band Hole. The band was named after her cavernous vagina. Before her music career she was a crack whore/stripper. Nobody wanted to know about her until she dated and later married Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Then people wanted to know who this cracked out heroin smacker was. Courtney was finally somebody. She whored attention, drugs, and herself. After Kurt Cobain died, people went back to not giving a shit about her. She remains a starving musician craving attention today. If she knew she had a child she would have known it was taken away for her being a bad mother. Francis Bean Cobain would've been that child.

Hit Song: The song below. The only one.

Evanescence. Amy Lee is the lead singer of Evanescence. She is the sexy goth chick with the beautiful eyes and monotone singing style. If you're her boyfriend, please don't call her unless you're sober. Is the band still together? Amy Lee is has pretty eyes.

Avril Lavigne- Avril was born in Ontario, Canada to French born Jean-Claude "Van Damme" Lavigne and Judy. This makes her extremely Canadian and Frenchified. Her dad named her after the French name for "April," even though she was born in September. Douchebag. Avril honed her skills by singing in churches and the shower. She won a competition and sang on-stage with Shania Twain. Later on an A&R rep from Arista signed Avril to a deal. He wanted her to sing pre-selected songs. Avril flipped him off and didn't say "I am Canadian, not dumb." She then wrote her own spiritually deep songs about sk8boarding in malls and loving Sk8er Boi's. She married fellow Canuck Derykk Wimbley from the band Sumthin 41. They got divorced when they both discovered they were not respected musicians outside of shopping malls.

Hit Songs: Sk8ter Boi, Complicated, Girlfriend.

Epica- Simone Simons is the Ginger lead vocalist for this Dutch Gothic/Symphonic Metal Band. Nobody likes their music until they see what the lead singer looks like. Then they like it.

Damn she's purdy, Ok we're like done with this article now.