Joan Jett

Joan Jett is the mother of awesome, possibly Chuck Norris in drag, and your parents' mutual fantasy. Even if you have two dads. Don't question Joan Jett.

Don't be offended. This how she says 'hello.'

Joan Jett played guitar in the rock/awkwardly jailbait band, 'The Runaways'.

Just The Facts

  1. In 1975,Joan Jett took the world by storm in the band 'The Runaways'.
  2. She is a part of the reason why your girlfriend says 'fuck you,' when you ask for a sandwhich, bitch.
  3. She is an icon for women everywhere who want rock. Mysogynists are okay with this because, you know, she's really hot.

The Runaways

Joan Jett started as a teenager who wanted to play rock music. She drew inspiration from another great female rocker of the time, <a href="" rel="nofollow" >Suzi Quatro</a>. Soon, Joan would meet Kim Fowley, sometimes refered to as 'The Creepiest Motherfucker in the History Of Fuckin Ever.'

This man reportedly had sex with a drunk woman in front of five seventeen year old girls.

This man alledgedly had sex with a drunk woman... With an audience of seventeen year old girls.

A tip on numbing the horror probably running through your mind right now, try and pretend sex doesn't exist. Or stare at this picture...

No. That man will haunt my dreams, you bitch.

The Runaways had a hit single in Japan, with 'Cherry Bomb'. Unfortunatley, in America they would be remembered as one of Juno's favourite bands. In 1979, the band broke up, letting Lita Ford and Joan Jett to move on to bigger and better things.

Solo Career/ Blackhearts

Joan wouldthen move on to her solo career, and the cover of the Arrows' song "I Love Rock and Roll," that you will sing at sometime in your life on karaoke. The song will be listed under, "Joan Jett," not Arrows. Why?

The world may never know.

After placing an advertisement "looking for three good men," Joan Jett and the Blackhearts was formed. As a note, the drummer was named "Danny O'Brien." It's funny because.....

Shutup. Read more Cracked.

The Runaways Movie

The film, creativley titled "The Runaways," (based on lead singer Cherie Currie's book Neon Angel) was released in 2010. Apparently, the producers were worried that if they cast the movie too well the world would implode from sheer awesome. So Joan was cast as angst incarnate.

Yeah mom, I'm gonna play a rock star!