Don Draper

Don Draper is one of the "Mad Men", which are ad[vertising] men (get it?), of the 1960's. He is a loving father, an admirable business man and, gets more tang than Buzz Aldrin.

Are your panties off yet?

Just The Facts

  1. Don Draper is the main character in the hit AMC show "Mad Men"
  2. Despite having (for most of the series) a wife and kids, Don Draper has intense love for women (but who doesn't right?)
  3. As an advertiser, he is the best there is. Period.

Don Draper at Work

Up until very recently in the show, Don Draper worked at the New York advertising firm of Sterling Cooper. And he is good at what he does. How good? Well, lets take a hypothetical.

Lets say it's 1960 and you are the CEO of one of the largest cigarette companies in the world. Over the past few years, however, your magnificent product has been linked to all sorts of bad things. Up until now, you could just run an ad saying something like "Science says cigarettes are great!" and you're good to go, but the goverment has once again overstepped its bounds and said you can't lie to the public anymore. You are going to need a damn good ad man to get out of this jam.

Enter Don Draper (Couln't embed it. You'll have to click this one I'm afraid)

In the video, Don Draper not only overcame the challenge of advertising Lucky Strikes, he grabbed it, seduced it and fucked the hell out of it, like so much every woman hes laid eyes on. This is a problem that could have crippled the cigarette industry, but Don says, "This is the greatest advertising opportunity since theinvention of cereal." (What ever the hell that means) Then he procedes to blow the minds of the clients, his co-workers and any window washers that may have been looking in at the time.

He then makes an inspired, and eloquent speech about the nature of happiness. Something you would also learn if you watched the entire episode is that Mr. Draper went into this extremely important meeting with absolutely nothing prepared. He pulled 100% of that amazing, industry-saving sale pitch straight out of his brilliant ass.


Another thing the video doesn't tell you is that this is from the first episode. The guy didn't even need whole season to build up to this revelation. He sets his bad ass precident right in the first episode.

I'm Don Draper and I'm going to advertise the shit out of your product

Dont think he could keep that up? Well heres another clip from later in the series.

Did you watch all the way to the end? Yeah, that was Don Draper making a guy cry.

Okay he's kind of a bitch anyway, but when's the last time you made a grown man cry?