Manly Cocktails

As defined by Wikipedia, "A cocktail is a style of mixed drink... A cocktail today usually contains one or more types of liquor and one or more mixers, such as bitters, fruit juice, fruit, soda, ice, sugar, honey, milk, cream, or herbs."

You know that alcoholic at your work that spikes his sodas with Jack Daniels? Yeah, well that's considerd a cocktail; making it sound much classier than it is.

 Rule # 1: If a drink has added colors (notably shades of red/pink) it automatically becomes un-manly.

Antifreeze with orange garnish. But it does have fruit, so it has to go under the

Just The Facts

  1. Tropical cocktails are considered girly, unless of course, the drink is ordered in place where palm trees naturally grow.
  2. Bourbons/Cognacs/Scotchs should never be made into a cocktail with the sole exception of scotch and soda.

So, is it manly?

There are thousands upon thousands of different cocktails out there. Granted, many of them are fairly similar, but you're still left with a considerable number. Since this topic isn't going to divulge 5,000 or so drinks to be manly or not, here are some guidelines.

1) Color: This is your easiest indication of a drinks manliness. If the bartender adds food coloring, usually red/pink, your drink is going to be farther from manliness than a male contestant on American Idol

2) Garnish: Most chick drinks have a citrus garnish on the rim.

3) Ingredients: There's a lot of overlap in this, so you really can't tell by a sole ingredient. Most girly drinks will contain either vodka, Southern Comfort, or rum. Drinks considered manly may contain gin, bourbon/scotch/cognac, or vodka.

4) Name: If it sounds gay, it probably is and if you can't infer from the name that the drink in question is a beverage, it's not manly.

"Cosmopolitan please"