5 People You Meet Playing Nazi Zombies

When you play Nazi Zombies, there are always these 5 people who ruin your campaign for you. These 5 guys just piss you off so much when you play, you often wonder why you still play.

Just The Facts

  1. You always meet new people playing Nazi Zombies, but they always tend to be different
  2. These players are categorized in 5 simple groups
  3. Are you one of these? Or do you hate them as much as me?

The Random Guy

Come on people. Unless you put a password on your server, this guy will lurk in and out of your game. This is the guy who joins and messes up the whole game.

Step One: Infiltrate the game

Step Two: Randomly attack a zombie, only to see the others screaming ''who the f*** is this guy?!''

Step Three: Leave game

Step Four: Step One

Yeah, slightly too old for this sir...(kick)

The Walking Disaster

This guy sucks. Let's face it, he is just terrible. We wonder how long it will take for this guy to die...YET AGAIN. It may be his first time, but surely WASD isn't that hard to 'master'? This is the guy who falls, and falls, and....falls until eventually his 'team-mates' decide they are MUCH better off without him.

I'm sorry, sir, Nazi Zombies is just not for you. For there is only one positive aspect from your presence; the fact that I wont be first on the 'no. of deaths' list...

''uh guys...help me...HOW DO I CHANGE THE FUCKING KNIFE?''

Aw shit...how do I change the knife?

The Pro

Admit it. There's always one person better than you in Zombie Wars. He's the guy who steals all the kills, the guy everyone secretly hates, the guy cries when he dies at lvl 15. You don't like looking at the stat table at the end of the round. You grimace at number of kills he gets when you compare it to yours.

''Booyah! Take that headshot, you nazi''

''Holy!! That was amazing!'' (secretly plotting a way to turn friendly fire on)

Yes, it does get annoying when all the points go to him...

The Tactical Muttonhead

''Guys! We have to buy quintuple ammo for this round! We have to open the door and the upstairs at the same time! Shoot for the chest, not the head!''

This player, supposedly 'experienced', tends to tell you random bullsh*t that actually sounds true for a newcomer. But when you get to the stage where your pretty used to Zombie Wars, this guy is a serious pain. Each time you hear that command, which ultimately leads to utter disaster, you wish you could convert to a zombie, sneak up behind him, kill him, and finally scream ''NO-ONE OPENS UPSTAIRS AND THE DOOR AT THE SAME TIME, YOU RETARD!''

''It's okay guys, the dogs won't kill us...they're just there for decoration'' Leave him be, it's better that way.

The Important Guy

Everyone dies in Zombies Wars, even The Pro (occasionally). But this guy...this guy can't die. Oh no.

''Guys you gotta revive me or else we wont get to the next round!''

''Don't worry, you'll re-spawn the next round anyway''

''Seriously! I have a ray gun!''

''No, you don't''

''But I don't wanna die!!!''

''But I don't care!!!''

''Fine...I'll revive you''

''Thank fuck!''