Nazi Zombies

Nazi's were some of the most ruthless bastards to ever walk the Earth. Zombies are also some of the most ruthless bastards ever. So what happens when you combine the two?

Just The Facts

  1. They are the unholy combination of Nazi's and Zombies, one of the worst, and scariest, combinations in history.
  2. Nazi Zombies cannot run, presumably because this game takes place "before their time".
  3. They have glowing eyes, which suggests that the next evolution of Zombie will probably have laser vision.
  4. "Mah Lazer!" Zombies would straight up suck.


Seriously? Fucking NAZI Zombies?! World War II was hard enough. And now you wake up, and all of the Nazi's you recently disposed of have zombified and are coming to devour your American ass(We don't know why Zombies have switched from brains to ass, but then again, the German's nowadays are SICK). These hellish fiends are undoubtedly the next step towards Nazi Germany's world conquest. And you have to fight them...alone, and wondering what the Nazi's will come up with next...

"Sweet Lady Liberty! They have laser vision too?!"

Nactht der Untoten:

The player starts off isolated in a room, with spare bullets and a few guns here and there. The windows are boarded up(as if that's ever stopped a zombie), and zombies are stumbling towards the building. Typical zombie premise, right? Except these are motherfucking NAZI zombies. Not only will they eat your brains, but they will make anti-Semitic comments about your mother, regardless of whether she was actually Jewish. They are potentially some of the most hateful S.O.B.'s to ever "live".
The fortress itself is filled with all sorts of Allied goodies to combat this scum. With all of the "spawn points" for weapons drawn on the walls, it makes one wonder how they could possibly lose. But for every new room unlocked, several more entrances appear. Quite the victory we achieved in this war, don't you think? This is about as rewarding as finding out there was never any cake,

Nope. Sorry, no cake here.

or getting thrown out of the very shelter you grew up in after saving their sorry asses.

"Yeah, you saved us. Big deal. What? Why, you ask? Fuck you, that's why.

Dod Sno:

"Nevermind them. They're just joking around...with their swastika's and rotting flesh."

Disclaimer: We at CRACKED have never seen this movie, and probably never will. Oh, and this is a spoiler in case anyone actually wants to see this movie.
This time, the characters aren't in a video game, and World War II has been over for quite some time. These characters go on vacation for Easter into the snowy world of Oksfjord . Almost instantly, they meet the stereotypical "shady guy" in all zombie movies. He warns them of ancient stories of Nazi's freezing to death in the very mountains they are all in, and the people most likely disregard all information regarding Nazi's and potential death.


To make a long story short, the humans end up getting killed. Horrifically. And there's the one dumbass who always makes it out alive(with a wound), and tries to return to civilization. Oh, and it turns out that the Nazi's are only hunting and dismembering humans for their treasures.

"Wait! I don't wanna eat your brains, I just want your gold!"

Stupid Nazi's.