Band Camp

Band camp, a land of mystical wonder. It's pure awesomeness makes it impossible to imagine by anyone who has not been there.

Even Uncle Sam wants you to play music

Just The Facts

  1. Band camp is where people go to learn to play their instruments.
  2. If Hollywood is to be believed, band camp is nothing but sex and insanity.
  3. Everything cool that has ever happened has happened at band camp.

Cracked on Band Camp

Band Camp is a term used to define any number of camps where either bands (such as a high school music band) or individuals go to improve thier musical skills. However, through liberal use of "One Time at Band Camp" stories and huge misunderstandings by Hollywood, Band Camp has become recognized as a wild sex romp where hordes of teenagers roam free of supervision and with a startling lack of music whatsoever.

The reality however, has fewer boobs

However, the massive insecurities of Band Parents has led to the widespread telling of Band Camp stories and jokes. Typically led into by saying "This one time at band camp...." they typically are completely fictional stories of sex and various other illegal activities.