Toronto is Canada's most hated and at the same time, most beloved city.

Toronto's mayor, and some random guy.

Just The Facts

  1. Toronto is the most populated city in Canada.
  2. Fifth most populous municipality in North America.
  3. Really fucking cold.
  4. Hasn't had a good proffesional sports team since the prehistoric age, but doesn't mind because it's all a big money making scam.

Canada's "Windy City"

Ah, Toronto. The biggest and most populous city in that wonderful country that some of you folks call Canada (and then there are those that would need to read the Canada topic page to have any idea what I'm talking about). The name of the city means place where trees stand in the water, which is probably a metaphor for how Americans view Canada. For a brief period of time after the 2nd World War, Toronto was designated as the capital city of Canada, until, for unexplained reasons, they gave that title to the much colder and much shittier Ottawa

Tropical paradise.

Despite what Wikipedia may tell you, Toronto gets cold. Really cold. Yes, they endure some hot summers, but from September to about March, you aren't going outside unless you're bundled up like a fucking eskimo. Also, last summer, the city set records for precipitation The sight of children frolicking and swimming down the local highways was really something to behold.

Sports and Entertainment

Being a Toronto sports fan is really fucking hard. It's a wonder the city keeps populating itself, considering how many die hard sports fans there are and how surprisingly few of them have commited suicide. There are 4 major teams in Toronto:

Toronto Maple Leafs - Haven't won a championship since 1967. That's 42 years and counting.

Toronto Raptors - 15 years in existence, and have only been out of the first round of the playoffs once. Also, mascot is a big red dinosaur.

Toronto Blue Jays - Haven't won a title since 1993, and haven't made the playoffs since 1998.

Toronto Argonauts - Err, okay, this one isn't major. Even Canadians don't give a fuck about the Canadian Football League

Toronto is also quite famous for hosting it's yearly "Toronto International Film Festival," a rather arduous affair in which equal amounts of A-list and C-list celebrities come down and promote for there independent films, which are screened at various theatres throughout the city. Celebrity sightings aren't really big in Toronto, so I'm sure there are plenty of google images of stars being accosted by teenagers from this years festival.


And now, we have arrived at the reason why we hate Toronto. The city has generally been regarded as a safe place with a low crime rate, until about 4 years ago, which mayor David Miller dubbed "The Year of the Gun." The amount of gun related deaths doubled from the previous year, and after a slight dip in 2006, continued to rachet up in 2007. One of the more infamous incidents was when 15-year old Jane Creba was caught in a gang crossfire and killed after she had finished doing some Boxing Day shopping. Is there no God?