Fake History

The Greatest Presidential Speeches Ever

Just The Facts

  1. There are a lot of Presidents named George, and a lot of Presidents named Jefferson, but George Jefferson was never president
  2. Bill Clinton did have sexual relations with that woman, and he has the crabs to prove it
  3. George Washington could not tell a lie, all other presidents, not so much

Great Speeches

The Gettysburg Address: Four score and seven years ago--Dude, I for got, I was so wasted. why do you think they call it a stove PIPE hat?

FDR: "the only thing we have to fear is--EVERYTHING RUN FOR YOU LIFE!!!!"

JFK's Moon speech: "I had sex with that woman and did the other things, not because she was easy, but because I was hard"

Nixon's I am not a crook speech: " I am not a crook! nor am I a pathological liar, yeah I am, no I'm not..."