Jennifer's Body

Okay so your and crew finally went to see The most crappy installment of "Final Destination, I believe the most outrageous ways of dying are happening to me all at once!"-whew and happened to catch the trailer for a gem of a movie " Jennifer's Body"

Just The Facts

  1. More than half of the people going to see this movie just want to see a topless Megan Fox
  2. Did anyone else notice in “Transformers rise of the ball swinging racial robots” she wore white pants in the desert, had shit blown up all around her, and did not get dirty at all! Granted chesticals are great but c’mon has Michael Bay ever heard of continuity? I guess not considering bad boys
  3. oh.......and CLUB THUMB

Sad-Sad World

We are still at war right? Okay just checking so after taking all the viral marketing out of the trailer you seem to think "hmmm....could be good." Then you remember all the other let downs. "Ghostship" "Saw", Only to realize that you may have already bought into the hype. "I swing both ways....." very impressionable. Can you say that this would be a horror film you just had to see? Nah. Granted Megan Fox is smoking hot, and if the idea that she is a half naked sensual high school girl who is also a demon I suggest finding "Lablue Girl" on DVD. Relaxing while watching tentacles in the comfort of your bedroom in your parents modest ranch style house. At least you won't look like a ped in a crowded theatre to much. Cause a 100 yards is a 100 yards.