Men Without Hats

The double-standard in the promotion of proper safety since 1983.

For your convenience.

(Not pictured: Hats)

Just The Facts

  1. Could not wear hats due to Canada's status as America's Hat.
  2. Simaltaneous promotion of safety and of hatless fashion. (not known if this included construction helmets)

Safety conscious.

Founded in 1977 as a way to make Canada less depressed, Men Without Hats were a synthpop dance music group with huge ambitions (and a well established fashion sense).

In 1983 they released their most popular track to date, "The Safety Dance". 2 minutes and 45 seconds of pure unadulterated awesome. 1991 saw their public disbandment.
As part of a world-government project (read: American), in 1992 Men Without Hats were contacted to form a secret infiltration team and were to be paired with other like minded groups such as Men at Work and The Royal Guardsmen (who were at this point a team of superheroes).
The band declined the invitation, however. It seems their propensity for iconic musical trends outweighed their actual ability to be secret agents).

(if you thought the Microsoft Windows article was lame.. now you don't).