Cosmic Rays

Cosmic Rays, from the corner of science borrowed from comics, or how exploding stars (yes, STARS like say, our Sun) don't just cause static on the t.v sets, they play God with the weather.

Science demonstrating how Cosmic Rays hit the Earth. Remember they are Invisible!

Just The Facts

  1. From exploding stars unimaginable distances away to the static on your t.v set and so much more.

Cosmic Rays: Perspective

Now the term Cosmic Rays might seem outlandish to some of you as a real science term, but it comes from a time when things were simpler, named by Robert A. Milikan when he picked an early edition of Superman #1. Cosmic Rays soon became a mystery for about half a decade until [Warning! copy-pasted science stuff from wikipedia] The pion-muon-electron decay sequence was observed directly in a microscopic examination of particle tracks in a special kind of photographic plate called a nuclear emulsion that had been exposed to cosmic rays at a high-altitude mountain station. [end of science babble]

In order to put things into perspective before they become scary.

Sing along to the Universe Song!

VY Canis Majoris: 1900 x the size of our Sun.

Imagine if you will, stars like this (well, not so big) exploding, throughout time and space and the masses of radiation/magic they emit speeding off in every direction, sometimes zooming through supernovas and being accelerated. Travelling along they happen to come across our corner of the Milky Way and smack into the little ole' Earth

These are Cosmic Rays.

Yes. These.

Science demonstrating how Cosmic Rays hit the Earth. Remember they are Invisible!

When these Rays hit the atmosphere they smack into the oxygen and nitrogen that hangs around there and creates something called and air showers.

So these Cosmic Rays (I can't get enough of that term) constantly bombard the Earth, "So what?" I hear you ask, "All that does is comfort me with the static I watch and listen to every night whilst I work on my tin suit (aluminium for those who care) to block out the government kill orders."

Well no, these Rays have a much greater impact on pretty much everything....

Cosmic Rays + Solar Flares = God

The Cosmic Rays of titular fame have been studied and researched and misunderstood and blamed for Global Warming the growth of lizards, cancer, marbles, vasectomies and pretty much anything pseudo journalists have been able to think of.

Sadly this does not happen.

Sadly this does not happen.

What does happen though is they get messed with, they get interrupted. It happens all the time. And it's the Suns fault, it happens when the Sun does this.Like a giant gun aimed at the Earth

Solar flares.... yeah that's right. An explosion on the surface of the Sun that sends masses of energy on all wavelengths hurtling towards our planet which has a tendency to interfere in the local space weather of Earth, it's called; check this "Solar Winds"

I swear I'm not making this shit up

This mingles/fucks with the cosmic rays in new and interesting ways, mostly to the effect of creating weather. That's right, that wasn't a typo. Together they create the fucking weather.

Cosmic Rays: now for the scary stuff

Many countries are currently searching for a way to control the weather. When I say many countries I mean pretty much every nation on Earth along with corporations and millionaires/billionaires with abandoned missile silos and active volcanoes as postal addresses.

Control of the weather would allow controlling the world economy and agricultural commodity markets at a basic level, and the direction mankind took as a whole into future on the "advanced" settings. For reference, check all the early Bond films and replace "evil doings" with "control of everything through weather."

The weather control system is there next to the second bedroom

There are loads of conspiracy theories banging around about the underground wars being waged for the control of the weather but it's taken a turn for the "fuck, run away as fast as" side of things from cloud seeding (sounds kinda romantic) to the lets put an array of satellites in space beaming synthetic solar winds to guide the destiny of mankind.

Not scared? You're a braver soul than I.