Mega 64

Mega64. You may have already seen them. If you've noticed any weirdos trying to act out a video game before your very eyes, you just might have been featured in a Mega64 skit.

Just look at those schmucks.  Aren't they a little pathetic?

Just The Facts

  1. Mega 64 is absolutely awesome... if you're watching it on the Internet or DVD.
  2. If you're watching these guys performing in real life, chances are you have no clue what's going on, and you'll probably be freaked out.
  3. If you DO know what's going on, feel free to join in. They'd like that.
  4. Or, you could just laugh at them.
  6. The Mega 64 guys have had security called on them more than a few times - and they've been arrested at least once.

Mega64 in a Nutshell

Mega 64 is the story of a group of video game nerds who are kidnapped by an evil scientist and forced to act out various video games in public. ...Actually, they're doing the skits out of their own volition, but that doesn't make it any less hilarious. Or, from the points of view of the people who watch it IRL, weird.

The Skits

The skits of Mega64 are its heart and soul. These are some of my favorites. Watch them, and be amazed.

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Behold as these lovable nerds annoy the hell out of everyone around them by vacuuming up random crap in a haunted house, dressing up in creepy robes and trying to sell stuff to random strangers, taking snapshots and building barricades in a mall, dragging each other around the street and making bizarre calling sounds, trapising around in diapers, proclaiming "I'm Captain Basch of Dalmasca!!!", dancing like lunatics in various inappropriate settings, and much, much more!!!!

The Story

The story of Mega64 is a truly weird one. Basically, an evil scientist kidnaps some video-game geeks and forces them to carry out test runs for his revolutionary "Mega 64" system, which is said to be able to take any video game and translate it into a real-life setting. (In other words, it's supposed to be some sort of virtual reality machine.) Hence, all those weird-ass skits you just watched (you did watch them, right?) In between the skits, there's some really weird stuff that goes on in the background as our stalwart heroes attempt to foil Poque's lunatic plans for world domination. Like anybody gives a crap about that.