Jak And Daxter

Jak and Daxter is a platformer game franchise released under Naughty Dog.

In all fairness, he looks a tad douchey

Okay, Jak, you look a little badass


Just The Facts

  1. Jak and Daxter is the first platformer game with an unbroken 3D world
  2. It kind of rapes your mind with all the time-travel horseplay that goes on later in the story
  3. But that's okay, because it's a fucking awesome game (fact)
  4. The only things that could have possibly made it better are zombies and a sniper rifle.

Jak And Daxter: Precursor Legacy

ak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy was pretty fucking cool, and is widely regarded as a classic, it is the first video game in the Jak & Daxter series. The two characters begin the game as elf/hobbit-like mischief-makers who directly disobey the advice of the Weed Green Sage, Samos. He has warned them to stay away from a mysterious island called Misty Island (How'd it get that name?), home to a legion of creatures known as Lurkers(Bear-ape things...bapes?) There, the two discover a pair of villains who are using the Lurkers to fulfill an evil plan involving the substance known as Black Tar Heroin Dark Eco. A Lurker commander attacks them, and by accident, Jak throws a PCP Red Eco precursor artifact at the Lurker and the ensuing explosion sends Daxter into a pit of Dark Eco, which transforms him into an ottsel (Ottsel. Like Otter and weasel. Geddit?) The story unfolds as the duo adventures to find Gol Acheron, the sage of Dark Eco who may have the powers to help Daxter return to normal, as well as fight the menace of Lurkers; however, he has experimented too much with Dark Eco and gone mad. Throughout the game, Daxter jokes about Jak being a mute; however, in Jak II and Jak 3, Jak's personality becomes much darker, driven by hatred and thirst for revenge, as evidenced by his use of more than just lighthearted phrases. It was the first platform game to introduce the player with a seamless unbroken 3D world.

Jak & Daxter holds many similarities to platform games such as Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper & Crash Bandicoot. This is true in not only the similar styles of gameplay, but in that the ongoing objective is to complete specified tasks and collect items. The game is different, however, by way of the openness and flow of the game world, as well as its common mechanic of utilizing Eco, a substance which has various uses in both gameplay and story(each one has its corresponding drug...Weed, Black Tar Herion, PCP, Meth (Blue Eco), LSD (Yellow Eco) and Ecstacy (Light Eco)) Here, the completed goals give Power Cells as a reward upon completion, which are needed to progress to new areas in the game world. If 100 out of 101 are collected, an alternate, canonical ending is given. Other gameplay centers around melee combats performed by Jak along with the piloting of a cycle-like hover vehicle known as the A-Grav Zoomer.

Jak II

Jak II, known as Jak II: Renegade in other parts of the world, was amazing. It begins where the storyline left off at the end of the 1st game. The giant Precursor Rift Gate Jak and his friends uncovered has been moved to Samos's hut. When it's activated by Jak, he, along with Daxter, Keira (their libido inducing, girl mechanic friend) and Samos are confronted by a giant, fierce creature, later on in gameplay known as the Metal-Head Leader/Kor/Herbert the Pervert from Family Guy.


Yes, come with me boysss

They escape into the Rift and are teleported 300 years into the future to an internally segregated metropolis called "Haven City". Keira and Samos are nowhere to be found. Immediately upon arrival, Jak is captured and imprisoned by Erol, commander of the Krimzon Guards, the city's Military Enforcement - the reason for this is unknown. Daxter escapes, promising to save Jak soon. For two years, Jak becomes a guinea pig of Dark Eco experiments, which breaks his gentle, "silent hero" nature and creates an infuriated and embittered young man instead. These experiments are conducted by Baron Praxis, the tyrannical dictator of Haven City, in an attempt to create a fiendish supersoldier capable of defeating the Metal-Heads, creatures that are threatening the destruction of the city. After finally escaping from the Fortress Prison with Daxter's help, Jak and Daxter join a group known as "The Underground", whose aim is to overthrow the forces of the Krimzon Guard & the oppressive Baron Praxis and restore the heir apparent. Jak begins his mission to bring down Baron Praxis as well as destroy the Metal-Heads. Although Jak has joined the Underground, he's sent on a mission to deliver a bag of Eco Ore to a "friend" named Krew. Krew is the manager of the Hip-Hog Heaven Saloon in South Town Haven City. Krew sends Jak on various missons*, taking him in the Sewers and outside the city walls. Jak (on arrival of meeting Krew for the 1st time) meets Sig, a strong Wastelander who works for Krew.

Jak II makes a radical departure from the first game in both tone and gameplay. The environment of Haven City has a grittier, run-down tone that differs dramatically from the colorful areas of the 1st game, and the characters are generally more hostile, using slightly more mature language. As for gameplay, more melee combos have been added in addition to multiple firearm weaponry that can be upgraded into new type of firearms after acquiring the specified weapon mod upgrade. Combos and firing techniques are integrated, and though Eco is no longer the dominant character booster, Jak now exhibits a transformation known as Dark Jak that comes with a range of powerful moves as well as a gauge for when it can be activated. Since Haven City is so large, more options for vehicles, which the player can hijack, are available to make traveling across the vast metropolis more efficient. The vehicles are capable of hovering at a high altitude or low altitude, and come in a variety of styles, with the larger vehicles more resilient against enemy fire (at the cost of being cumbersome to control), or the smaller cycle-like vehicles lacking armor but as result are significantly faster. Sound lke another game to you?


A jet board is also obtainable some time later which allows the player to maneuver effortlessly over dangerous grounds and large areas at a considerable speed and comes with the ability of performing tricks.

This game marks the beginning of tournament vehicle racing against other characters operated by the Central Processing Unit, which becomes a tradition in the later installments as well as the major gameplay in the spin-off Jak X: Combat Racing. The use of accelerator rings returns in bonus missions, as well as a one-on-one between Jak and Krimzon Guard Commander Erol throughout various parts of Haven City. Selectable boosters are available during track racing with all racing, on and off track, being conducted on advanced modernized zoomers.

Jak 3

Jak 3 was fucking awesome, a massive 3-sided war breaks out in Haven City between the Freedom League (the city's new Military Enforcement, headed by members of the former Underground), an emerging army of Krimzon Guard Death Bots who are led by Errol, who survived an explosion caused by Jak from Jak II (which, according to Video Game Logic 101, he is perfectly capable of doing), and the regrouped Metal-Head survivors. Jak, Daxter, and Pecker (snicker) are banished to the Wasteland by Count Veger, head of Haven City's High Council, and one of Baron Praxis's last remaining lieutenants. Wait, why isn't it Lt. Veger? They have been outcast from Haven City due to Jak's uncontrollable use of his Dark Eco powers, and are soon found by Damas, and the king of Spargus City, a formerly unknown city of outcasts located in the Wasteland. Apparently, as Haven City is a cockbag nation, you culd populate cities with their banishees.

As Jak and Daxter work to fulfill the life debt they owe to the city and Damas, they learn that the planet's end is coming, from a harbinger of destruction known as the Day Star. The answer to this impending danger is a planetary defense system, which lies deep in a place known as the Catacombs. As Jak and Daxter work to find their way to this place, so too does Count Veger, who is taking dangerous steps to find the Precursors there and receive great power so that he may live out his fanatical dream of becoming a hero of the universe.Being Jak, basically, is Veger's wet dream. When Jak and Daxter make their way back to Haven City, it falls on their shoulders to destroy the Metal Heads and the Krimzon Guards as they make their way to the Catacombs before Veger and save the world from the Day Star.

In this installment, Jak's attitude to being the hero is once again challenged, with him, at first, holding a grudge against the city for having turned on him, leaving him for dead in the Wastelands. But despite his personal feelings, he chooses to help his friends, and in doing so, learns about himself and the power within him. More of Jak's destiny is revealed, including the secrets behind the world's hero Mar, who is actually Jak, and here comes the midfuck. If Mar is Jak, Mar being the founder of Haven city, that would mean that he likely went back in time to build a city that he knew he'd most likely die in and have a lot of unpleasant adventures. This is the only way the timeline would make the tiniest thing resembling sense. Then again, it's a fucking fantasy video game.

The true nature of the Precursors, who are revealed to be ottsels like Daxter, and the threat the Precursors' enemies- the Dark Makers- pose on the planet with their nearing airship, the Day Star.

The gameplay in this game features an upgrade from Jak II, with even more weapon modifications and combos to perform, along with Jak gaining a new transformation called Light Jak. Light Jak acts primarily as a defensive and healing transformation that is later capable of flight, whereas Dark Jak retains its savage nature with deadly offensive capabilities, So it's like having a demon and a angel. Glad we cleared that up. Both are operated by their individual gauges respectively. Though the hover vehicles are still available in Haven City, much of the city has been destroyed due to the war and thus there is much less traffic than in the previous game. Multiple types of land vehicles become unlockable in Spargus, each with their own unique type of weaponry, and are used to journey across the vast desert expanse for various missions. The hover board is once again available and comes with a few new tricks to perform as well as "stunner" waves that come in handy when dealing with the smaller Metal Heads. Daxter also becomes playable at certain points to solve puzzles and clear routes for Jak to follow.

Racing makes another comeback as in the previous installment, except that land vehicles in Spargus are the primary function for all competitions. The Race Dome at Haven City is almost completely destroyed and so the only Zoomer races are done by bonus missions through accelerator rings, while in Spargus accelerator ring-type races are conducted on the backs of animals called Leapers (which also serves as extra modes of transportation throughout the Wasteland city and are very creatively named). A new type race-mode mini-game is also available that is playable only with Daxter that involves him riding on a rocket around the harbor section of Haven City.

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

Jak and Daxter's crazy shenaningans

dark jak by Library Gaming.

Pictured: Shenanigans

Take a turn when they discover a place called the "Brink", the edge of their world. Not much is known about the game, other than that Keira (remember her?) leaves to become a Sage or some shit and edge-of-the-world-finding takes place.