Siegfried & Roy

Sigfried & Roy were a magician duo, who at some point (a million years ago) were relevant, and considered serious business.

The classic first solo album

Early Career

Sigfried and Roy were born in Germany, twin sons of Mars, the God of war. Mars, however, had different plans. Wishing to remain a swingin' bachelor for life, and not trying to get tied down with the whole children thing, he ordered his servants to kill the twins. The servant was unable to do so, and put them in a basket to float upstream. They washed ashore the following day, where they were recovered by a white tiger, who nursed them, and raised them to their teens.

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Sigfried and Roy came upon a new land, a desert land. They had an argument over what to name it, so they decided to let the Gods sort it out. They stood atop seperate hills, and a circle of white tigers began to circle Roy. The new king chose to name his kingdom 'Las Vegas'

Tiger Attack

Jealous of Roy's kingship, Sigfried began plotting his revenge. During a prime-time magic show, Sigfried called upon the Gods, summoned Diana, Goddess of animals, who sent a demon tiger to attack Roy.

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Basically what it looked like.

Sigfried looked upon the bloody lump on the floor, spit on it, and took his place as King of Las Vegas.


  • Sigfried soon after becoming King of Las Vegas found his kingdom on the verge of invasion from barbaric tribes. After numerous attempts at sabotage, his ever-weakening kingdom was destroyed, and he himself, executed at the hands of barbarians.
  • Roy, after a long recovery process went solo. His albums Thriller and Tigermilk became American classics, and he enjoyed a lucrative career in music until 2009, when he died of some kind of heart-failure-sleeping-pill thing. The details are still hazy.