Terrorists are individuals or organizations that use fear to bend political will to their advantage. Examples include Republicans, Democrats, Christians, lobbyists, parental groups, anti-drug organizations, and Al-Qaeda.

I have one last thing to say: DYNOOOMIIIITE!

Just The Facts

  1. Terrorirsts have absolutely nothing in common. Anyone can be a terrorist; Islamists, abortion clinic bombers, Catholic separatists in Northern Ireland, Chechnyan Muslims, Hindu nationalists, or Zionist radicals. Nothing in common!
  2. Except for that one thing.
  3. One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. Deep stuff.


Al-Qaeda brought terrorism into the spotlight and ignited America's glorious, and highly successful effort to make the terrorists look sympethetic in comparison. The word means 'The Base' in Arabic, and the organization operates from the Afghanistan-Pakistan region. Its influence extends throughout the world from sleeper cells in North America, to teenage-counterculture-wannabe-radical Europeans. They are known more for sophisticated and thorough plots, and less for personal hygiene.

A Typical Al-Qaeda Clandestine operation.

To be continued