Madden Curse

So, You wanna be a NFL Superstar? You wanna make millions? You want all the kiddies to wear your jersey? HELL YEAH YOU DO!!! You wann be on the cover of the upcoming Madden? FUCK NO!

As you can see, being on the cover of Madden has done wonders for Michael Vick.

Daunte Culpepper plays for the Lions now. We'll blame it on the curse.

Anyone remember this guy? Apparently he won a college bowl game.....

Just The Facts

  1. The Madden football francise is the most widely-known football video game in the world. In fact, it's the only one known due to the NFL exclusive license to Madden.
  2. Since putting players on the cover , every since 2001player that graced the cover has had either season ending injuries, horrible seasons, or horrible moments during the season.
  3. This friggin game is the same pretty much every year. But you'll still spend the $60, because you're a slave to EA Sports.

You really believe in curses?

Yeah I do. I'm as superstitious as the next person. I don't step on cracks in the cement, I stay away from black cats, I don't walk under ladders, and I don't take offers to be on the cover of Madden game. Let go through the list.

Madden 2001: Eddie George actually had a good season during the 2000-2001 campaign. In fact, it was his most productive season as far as rushing yards and TD's. But during the divisional playoffs against the Ravens, he bobble a pass that turned into an interception and costing the Titans the game. After that, his numbers went down, move to the Cowboys, and retired after one lackluster season with them.

Madden 2002: Daunte Culpepper suffered a knee injury while the Vikings finish with a 5-11 record. After two years of good performances, he fell off again, and has been with three team since 2005. Now he's with the Lions, who are the laughing stock of the league.

Madden 03: Marshall Faulk sufered a ankle injury and the Rams finish 7-9. Faulk retired shortly there after.

Madden 04: Michael Vick suffered an ankle injury and the Falcons went 5-11. What happened since then.....dogfighting, two years in prison, and is a backup for the Eagles.

Madden 05: Ray Lewis made the Pro Bowl, but suffered in injury that kept him from playing in it. He didn't record an INT for the first time in his career, and the Ravens missed the playoffs.

Madden 06: Donovan McNabb suffered a sports hernia. After trying to play through the pain, he couldn't bare it, had surgury and missed the rest of the season. Eagles missed the playoffs.

Madden 07: Shaun Alexander, just removed from his MVP year, broke his foot in the first game of the season, and missed the entire season. He was released by the Seashawks and is nowhere to be found in the league.

Madden 08: Vince Young hurt his quardriceps and had a horrible year. It would be the first time he missed a game (High School, College, and NFL) due to an injury. Since then, he somewhat lost his mind, and he lost his starting job to journeyman QB Kerry Collins

Madden 09: First, Brett Farve retired. Then, after not being able to make up his damn mind, he unretired and wanted to come back to the Packers. The Packers front office, already moving on with new starting QB Aaron Rodgers, decided to trade Farve to the Jets. After starting strong and leading the division for the majority of the season, he falters during the 2nd half of the season, and loses the division to the MIami Dolphins in the last game of the season. After retiring again, he joined the Vikings this year. Motherfucker can't make his mind up.

Madden 10: They decided to buck the trend and put two players on the cover. Troy Polamalu has alreay suffered a knee injury and is expected to miss 3-6 weeks. Larry Fitzgerald......walking on thin ice my brother.

And of all the people on the cover of Madden, the only one not affected by the curse, was John Madden. That motherfucker is god.