The Truth About Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey is funnier than you. Jim Carrey also happens to be more insane than you. Yes, even you Mr. Paul "Pee-Wee" Reubens you public masturbater you. You probably don't know this but Carrey's movies are actually in fact documentaries of Jim's life

The many faces of Jim

Just The Facts

  1. Jim Carrey's girlfriend is hot
  2. Jim Carrey's daughter is hot
  3. I have a man crush on Jim Carrey

The Life of Jim Carrey

Back in school, there was that one kid who would bang on his desk and make farting and/or animal noises. Then when the teacher asks who has the answer to the question on the board this kid would raise his hand and then make more farting and/or animal noises. Jim Carrey was this kid.

When Jim was a little older, he met the Wayans brothers, who will later make such masterpiece as Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2. They liked each other immediately. It is not known whether or not they met while both trying to have sex with a mailbox, but it is very likely.

The Wayans brothers started filming Jim as he worked as a Fire Marshall, under the name Bill. We assume because he wanted to hide his identity from Catbert.

The face of evil, with glasses

At this point in his life, Jim was a highly dysfunctional individual. His idea of showing people safety consists of telling people this is what you don't want to do if you don't want to be set on fire, then precedes to light himself on fire. People were stunned. Many were killed in explosions. Jim worked for 4 years as Fire Marshall Bill before he was let go. Probably due to the fatal explosions mentioned above.

To be continued...