EVE Online

EVE is a MMORPG which specializes in letting you fly a spaceship through a humongus virtual space. And PvP like crazy.

Its really quite easy.

Good graphics are always a plus..

Just The Facts

  1. Its an MMORPG set in oouuter space!
  2. Over 300.000 people play it (95% male)
  3. Its all PvP - all the time!
  4. You start with a small spaceship and get bigger ones as you go. ( and if that ship is blown up, you better have insurance )
  5. 15 dollars a month, my good sir.

Why should you play/care?

Because one day, this may be your everyday life, so this is good preparation.

Also a good reason, because you can do this :

Okey so is not that intense, but then again, its pretty fun once you learn how to play it properly !

They even have a few "Deathstars" they call titans which require alot of skilled players working together

in order to destroy

Why haven't you ever heard of this game?

Simple, it has never been featured on Cracked.

Dont ask me why, thats just the way it is.. Anyways I have found an article that can possibly act as a substitude, if you have a rich imagination

You may also find it interesting to know that you can make a bank and run away with the money!

(dont act all surprized when they find and kill you though..)

And if what you are looking for is a good, fair comparison between MMO's, check this out.

What can you do in it ?

Mining, Cause your just really in the mood for blowing up asteroids today.

Transporting goods, Cause nothing says fun like Interstellar Delivery. (Futurama FTW)

Hunting computer controlled pirates, Cause your afraid of those other players.

Playing the market, C'MON!!

PvP pirating, Cause its awesome. (yarr)

PvP hunting pirates, Cause your mean.

Managing corporations, Cause you'd like to own a bank.

Scamming, Cititation needed.

Attention! There is no sexy grinding in this game.

Okey one little thing though, what kind of people play it ?

Whoa thats a hard one.. Im guessing that the average player loves Sci-Fi and flying spaceships around.

Then there are the hardcore, corporation-owning dudes that spend waay too much time playing it.

(its really just like they're virtual second job, in fact.)