The Guild

How some real geeks made short webisodes about gaming culture and changed the very unreal game called Hollywood by kicking it in the balls.

A simple premise: a group of online gamers meet in real life. They are awkward and odd. Hilarity ensues.

Fandom began almost immediately.

Felicia Day, creator of The Guild and main character Codex. Yes, she really does game. A lot.

Just The Facts

  1. The Guild has won numerous online awards and has been lauded by Rolling Stone, proving that print is not dead but is desperately trying to prove that it can still pick up chicks.
  2. If you are a geek then the characters are just like you, but prettier and funnier. Except Vork who is like a tax accountant. Unless you're a tax accountant, in which case Vork is prettier and funnier than you.
  3. You can watch it on your Xbox 360. Seriously.

The Guild in Two Minutes or Less

With the liberal use of vlog we get to know the story of Codex (a.k.a., Cyd), an addicted gamer who plays a healer in an MMORPG. She and her guild decide to meet in RL (come on, keep up with the l33t). Codex is conflicted, Zaboo is naive, Bladezz is puerile, Vork is obsessive, Clara is stupid, and Tink is ADHD/evil. Things progress as might be expected but, dude, it's about GAMING. And for +5 geek points Wil Wheaton shows up in Season 3.