White People

There are a wide array of white people in America ranging from pale to pasty.

It's like looking into a flashlight

Mr./Mrs. Forgettable


You know who I mean. It's that guy or girl who you see every day but you can never remember their face. It's the person that just slips from your memory as soon as he or she leaves your sight.

Why are they important?

That's just the thing, they don't seem that way. They can sneak around without being noticed. Likes spies or robots. Either way, they need to be destroyed.

Either a spy or robot. I don't remember.

The Limbaughs


Give me a moment, I just threw up in my mouth a bit. *Ahem* Sorry. These are the guys that make religion and politics a joke. The reason they've lasted so long is because they've learned to ignore things like criticism and facts.

Why are they important?

Unfortunately, these people have close ties to many people in Congress which makes them influential.

Also Influential

The Liberals


We're the guys who you see supporting unions, anti-war rallies, Environmental awareness campaigns, etc. Essentially, we're the anti-Limbaughs.

Why are they important?

We have power in the U.S. political system right now. That helps us get what needs to be done, done. However, we can get out of control with the political correctness thing. Apparently, because I'm Jewish I should be offended if someone wishes me a Merry Christmas. We might be getting a little to jumpy on the P.C. gun.

Something everyone might be offended by

Super geek


You know who this is. It's the guys who go in full costume Star Trek conventions, play chess, and salvage computer parts. You can sense them coming because the smell of cheetos increases as they near.

Why are they important?

For every hundred schmoes who live in their parents basement, you get one Bill Gates. That's pretty damn important.

"Worst Stereotype Ever."

The Hippie/Stoner


These are the guys who believe that no one should need to do anything (especially if it involves deodorant). They are the true anarchists. The good kind that don't believe in chaos, only equality.

The not good kind of anarchist

Why are they important?

They make up an influential subculture. If they decided to pull their resources they could change an election....or throw the most kick-ass party ever. Either would be cool.

The Not-White White Guy


This is the guy who thinks being white is lame so acts like the stereotype of another ethnicity. He's easy to spot and embarassing to be seen with.

Why are they important?

They show us how they view other races. Either we have a long way to go before all prejudice is gone, or these people are conflicted Limbaughs.

wigger-42888.jpg image by mountainfairy

That's actually sign language for, "jive turkey."