Misogyny on the Internet

Just The Facts

  1. Misogyny means "an irrational hatred of women."
  2. Usually the most virulent misogynists are guys who have no hope of ever getting near a vagina.
  3. Yes, they think that's the fault of women, instead of their personalities/grooming habits.

Welcome, Females, To the Internet. It Hates You.

When a woman posts something online, and it doesn't matter what it is, it could be a comment on a news item or a blog post of any sort, she can reasonably expect one of the following reactions within the next five minutes:

1) "Shut your whore mouth when men are talking."


3) "You're wrong because you're a lesbian/frigid bitch/feminazi!"

Sure, some of this is The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory:

Thank you, Tycho and Gabe

But that doesn't really explain why, say, some women online will get so many death threats that they're afraid to go into their front yard. For that, we have to go to the deep, dark black pits of hell that is: your mom. Or your mom's basement.

Wo-Man? What is this...wo-man?

Whether it's an asshole jock at a keyboard or a pathetic nerd whose only memory of a vagina was when he was forced out of one, the problem comes down to: no human being other than people like them wants to be anywhere near them. The brain, realizing this, immediately kicks in a program to keep them from swallowing a bullet, namely the idea that they are deeply special and everybody else is inferior and jealous, despite the ample evidence to the contrary.

Needless to say, this causes a lot of problems, especially when you have to deal with human beings who don't worship you on a regular basis. But unlike all the other people who won't fit into their worldview, the woman is scary and alien to them because at least with a guy, you've got a penis in common. Sure, he may be a fag because he disagrees with your politics, or likes the PS3 or is, er, gay, but at least there's a dick! With women there's just this pink void they've probably never seen.

So, thanks to their real life experience, the only basis they have for interacting with women is:

1) Pornstars

2) Their mom

So if it's not getting railed while screaming about how big their dick is or baking them cookies, they literally have no idea how to deal with it. Toss in macho douchebaggery, i.e. women exist as sex toys, and you have, at best, the mind of a frat boy in the body of a nerd and at worst a fucking Gorean.

If you don't know, you don't want to, trust us.

If it has a vagina and an opinion, it's not only evil and wrong, by their standards, it probably shouldn't exist.

Only You Can Prevent Misogyny on the Internet

Well, actually, you can't. That same desperate need to believe they're not a waste of air will keep them from listening to any sort of well-reasoned argument that contradicts anything they believe, whether it's that not all women are hos and tricks to what the best pizza place in town is. The only thing that would puncture their cocoon of ignorance would be a sudden epiphany, or a couple of 9mm rounds.

So you might as well sell 'em porn. If you can't beat them, take their money.