T. rex

The mighty Tyranasaurus, hunter, spellcaster, lover. His reign of awesome spanned for millions of years,until of course the mormons came, and so the dinosaurs fled to the mythical kingdom of "Japan" never to be seen again.


Just The Facts

  1. Tyrannasaurus Rex ruled the world 68-65 million years ago.
  2. By far, the most widely recognized dinosaur in pop culture.
  3. T-Rex more or less invented rock music.

Cracked on T-Rexes

T-Rexes lived, like we said, 68 million years ago. This means that god was too busy going through puberty to have created them. So where did they come from you ask? No, silly. It's not millions of years worth of prior evolution. It's Richard Attenborough!

pictured: Inventor of the coolest thing ever.

But, being the most popular ANYTHING in pop-culture means certain fallbacks. It means sacrifices. Look at MIchal Bay. He's the one of the most popular pop-culture directors of today, and he's a dick! Look at Cracked.com. One of the most popular pop-culture comedy websites of today, and let's face it, We're dicks too. Why these harsh examples? I'll answer with a picture.

PIctured: The downside of being so awesome.

Well damn. At least Michael Bay and Cracked dont smile like weiners all the time.

Ok, scratch that. Michael Bay smiles like a weiner all the time. ROBOTS DO NOT MAKE YOU COOL!

Science Words?

Okay okay, well as with most dinosaurs, the last thirty or so years have revealed a strong connection to birds. A man named John H. Ostrom revived an old 1868 theory by a man named Thomas Henry Huxley that proposed that the bone structure and behavior of most dinosaurs were more closely related to those of birds than lizards or other reptiles. The similarities include hollowed bones, flocking patterns, swallowing rocks (stupid dinosaurs), air sacs present in the lungs, the way they care for their young, and some specimens have even turned up with feathers.

Fossils of the Tyrannasauridae family have been discovered with evidence of long filamentous structures known as "protofeathers", which translated to Normal Happy Language means "almost feathers".