Fantana Girls

Spreading joy, love and carbonated childhood obesity potion throughout the world, the Fantana Girls possess the inalienable power of... soda mascots.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse...

...and their annoying younger sisters.

Just The Facts

  1. Red: Strawberry flavored, powers include voracious sexual appetite and spontaneous combustion on command.
  2. Orange: Orange flavored. That's about it. Nice personality I guess?
  3. Yellow: Pineapple flavored. Member of the Yellow Lantern Corps, possible future host for Parallax.
  4. Purple: Grape flavored. Really a great scholar but dumbs herself down to fit in with her three companions.

Flavors of justice

Like other mythical creatures, the Fantana girls have allegedly been spotted in hundreds locations but few sightings have been confirmed. The Coca Cola company was recently reprimanded by the U.N. for authorizing a surprise flight of the Fantanas over Mexico City and parts of the southwestern United States, causing widespread fear of an alien invasion when the multicolored lights in the sky could not be identified. The Fantanas have since apologized to the international community for the publicity stunt.